The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq close at record highs. Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, and Thomas Fross, Fross & Fross Wealth Management, join CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss markets.


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  1. Boyd Gilbreath
    Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Good thing the Fed is not pouring tons of fake cash into the economy that can be borrowed by big business to fund stock buybacks. That would be really bad. No one reporting these tremendous stock market increases would ever mention why the market is going up. Like, nothing I own doubles and triples in value every couple of months, so how can the stock market, which is far worse than going to a casino with your money, how can it keep going up. Because the market, like the numbers all the governments are putting out, is fake. The USA with unemployment 3.6%, and Mexico saying the same thing. Same with GDP growth, Mexico and the USA claiming the same 2%. But how much of that is the fabulously increased valuation of the stock market? It's all a sham. It's really taking the public forever to realize that there are no governments anymore, just business, dirty, usurious, oppressive, greedy, cruel, disgusting business. The kind of business that is destroying civilization.


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