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Tell me if you have heard this: “Cash Value Life Insurance is so expensive!! ”

Never combine life insurance and investments in the same system! This probably sounds familiar because Ive heard it a million times from Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman, every Primerica agent in the world and the majority of financial advisors! They urge that I should build a wall between my insurance needs and investment vehicles. Yet the insurance world disagrees adamantly. Who should you listen to? As I’ve said before, let’s break it down, do the math because math never lies, fact check all claims from everyone and see who has the facts on their side!

First let’s understand 2 mainstream fee structures. One is called actively managed fees or increasing fees, which is typically a % of your total account value, so as your account gets bigger, the fee gets bigger. This is most common with the 401k and traditional financial advisors. The other type is typically found in insurance, called front-loaded fees, which is a bigger fee on the invested amount that then decreases over time. Both make sense depending on your unique situation. Actively managed fees have an advantage in short-term investments and front-loaded fees typically have an advantage in long-term investments.

So which is better for financial planning focused on retirement income? Let’s let the numbers answer the question.

2.22% Fee Source:

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  1. Joshua Footman
    Joshua Footman says:

    I'd like to visit your office in Arizona I totally support your vision on IUL I work with a agency called PHP and the CEO educates IUL same as u, I appreciate what you do in the financial services industry. I came upon you by a upset FA who promotes whole life. He thought I would condem you but I praised your work.


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