HOW TO PLAN FOR RETIREMENT?401K & 403B Investmenthow to plan for retirement?401 k investmentHow much money you can put it in 401K or 403B.Invest in retirement whatever you can afford it. It is a Pre tax income and you don’t have to show it in the taxes. But never borrow against the retirement income and penalities are pretty hectic.If you are 18 to 50 you can invest up to 25% off total income. If you are 50 or older you can invest up to 30%. If you are close to retirement age i will not invest in agressive stocks .Because you just don’t have enough time to bounce back.


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  1. StudentsOfMoney
    StudentsOfMoney says:

    Great video. I would like to see a video on a Roth IRA for those who are not offered a 401k. I have made a video on this myself over on my channel if you want a reference point. I always love getting new perspectives on things.

  2. My Funny Baby Videos
    My Funny Baby Videos says:

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    DIRTY- LOW says:

    This is really amazing information I no I said it before but you should definitely put a book together with all this great for people to gain knowledge appreciate the upload


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