WealthArc 4Cs of Wealth Management Experts Breakfast (29.11.18)

The pace of business transformation is constantly speeding up. Inevitability of change, depth of digital impact, regulatory challenges and increasing client’s expectations are also rapidly transforming wealth management industry.

What are key trends to watch for? What awaits us in 2019? How to stay “4C” – Competitive, Compliant, Customer-centric and Cost-effective?

We had a pleasure to organize an exclusive lunch event, where industry experts and leaders discussed key opportunities and challenges. Listen to Rene Buechler (Senior Banking Consultant, Director, Swisscom), Simon Maignan (Refinitiv, Market Development Manager), Alberto Rama (Investment Navigator, CEO), Chris Gogol (WealthArc, CEO), Adam Kwasniewski (Advisor, Mentor and Investor, ex-Google, Head of Strategy & Operations) to get ready for what is ahead.


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