THE DIVIDEND PROJECT: Welcome, Dividend Dictators! Today we discuss the acronym WIN (What’s Important Now). When you apply this concept to your financial life it can bring some calm when chaos is swirling about. Taking a few seconds to recalibrate and focus on your core money beliefs can help you get thru the chaos. I think about the following basics when I found myself in a financial storm and it helps me stay focused on staying true to my core money beliefs:

1. Establish a Budget
2. Tracking Networth
3. Pay Off Debt & Stay Out of Debt
4. Take advantage of all Tax-Deferred Plans
5. Take Care of the People who Depend on You.
6. Establish an Emergency Fund
7. Take Care of Yourself

I hope you find the video useful, inspiring and that it motivates you to take control of your financial future. Let’s keep building those Financial Empires, One Penny at a Time!

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ABOUT ME: I grew up in Bradenton, Florida in a lower income home, pretty sure we were below the poverty line. Yep, growing up in a housing project, eating government cheese, and watching my mother pay for groceries with food stamps. As a child, you’re not really keyed into the financial details of your parents life, but you can pick up that money is tight and that you don’t have the same things other kids have, like new clothes or shoes on the first day of school. There was no talk of college when I was growing up so by the time I was 18, I was working 3 jobs at one time, construction during the day and stocking groceries at night. I knew this was not the path I wanted to go down so I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps looking for a better opportunity. As fate would have it, I was selected to be a member of Marine Security Company at Camp David serving President Ronald Reagan. After my four year enlistment was over, I became a Police Officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During my 31 year career in law enforcement I was able to be a member of several special units including SWAT, River Rescue/Dive Unit, Dignitary Protection Detail and Criminal Investigations Unit/Major Crimes. As a Detective I worked in the Financial Crimes Unit helping victims of fraud and identity theft. I retired at the age of 55 in December of 2018 and haven’t worked a day since. My wife of 29 years is still working as a Federal employee and I have two daughters, one is a college student at the University of Virginia and one is a middle school student. My passion has been wealth building since 1987 and it has allowed me to have a front row seat in a journey from below the poverty line to a multi-million dollar net worth today. I started this YouTube channel to highlight my Dividend Portfolio but it has evolved into a discussion of all things involving Personal Finance. I welcome you to join me on my journey to building a Million Dollar Dividend Portfolio and achieving a Deca-Millionaire Net Worth!

Here is a link to the video discussing the Rule of 25 and the 4% Withdrawal Rate a little bit more in depth.


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  1. Logical One
    Logical One says:

    I love the acronym WIN, we are looking at every aspect of our financial health. That emergency fund is so important. You have excellent advice here. Thank you so much for this valuable information and I look forward to more of your content by staying around.

  2. Evelyn Parham
    Evelyn Parham says:

    First, Happy Veterans Day! Second, excellent tips! I love the acronym for W.I.N. – applying this to every area of my life. Take care and I look forward to viewing more of your content! – Take care!!


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