FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the chaos within the Democratic Party as billionaires and socialists compete against each other within the same party for nomination.

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45 replies
  1. Ash Kavash
    Ash Kavash says:

    How can you treat what Speaker Pelosi says seriously ? If you can understand her slurred speech half the time; how do you distinguish well researched comments against impaired thinking and anxiety ………………

  2. Ronnie DeMasters
    Ronnie DeMasters says:

    Democrats done more damage to USA with this crap. You think Kim is going to give up weapons if he thinks Clinton might get back in. You think China wants to make a deal if Democrats get back in power? Without a stable government why talk at all?

  3. michael pike
    michael pike says:

    most heavy drug users hardly smoke weed . most marijauna users would go without drugs a high rather then moveing to hard drugs. and weed smokers quit or take a brake from smoking. unlike addicted cigarette smokes or alcoholics

  4. Joel Vorensky
    Joel Vorensky says:

    The summary of this weeks impeachment hearing is: the Trump Administration, Russian Security spy agencies, the GOP, and this station Fox are co-conspirators to undermine Democratic Institutions in the USA and worldwide. The co-conspirators are liars, cheats, con-men, predators, racists, and evil. I want to thank Dr. Fiona Hill, Ambassador Sondlund, Ambassador Yavanovitch, Lt Col. Alexander Vindman and others for their courage to speak up! Congressman Nunes please remember it's not Mr. Vindman, but Lt. Col Vindman.

  5. Nicole Valiente
    Nicole Valiente says:

    Skeleton Pelocy don’t know anymore what word she should use to demonize our president. Americans don’t need to look for new words for them….very simple ….criminals. You have the bulls (demon democrats) and you have the bulldozer (TRUMP) . The bulldozer will sweep all the bulls from the area like the toreador with his red cape

  6. Grace Ousley
    Grace Ousley says:

    Varney:  What Obama is saying is stay toward the center, get in office then go as far to the LEFT as you would like.  That's the way the old Democrat party worked. Talk like a Conservative while campaigning get in office and do what you want to do.  The Democrats of 2019 don't hide anything since now many students are old enough to vote and they've been indoctrinated for 12 and/or 16 years of school.  Nothing has to be hidden anymore.  The little Socialists are now of voting age.

  7. Jose Fernandez-Leon
    Jose Fernandez-Leon says:

    Progressive leftism leads to mental confusion and reprobacy, and Nancy P suffers from it, even as she means not to allow a duly elected President to have any legislation passed, going into history books as the madam Speaker that refused whom she called an Impostor president any glory.

  8. We The People
    We The People says:

    Yes We The People can remove Remove A Destructive Government..
    The declaration of independence states…and contains
     –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 
    Now you know why the Second Amendment is in place for USA Patriots to defend the Constitution.
    The Limit of Patience is running out among Patriots of this Country.

  9. Sam ferguson
    Sam ferguson says:

    Here is Pelosi calling the kettle black. She is such a disrespectful corrupt intervidual and she has the audacity to lecture people about Trump. No one is talking her seriously now she has lost the plot…She deserves her power taken from her and it's coming fast. What a terrible, corrupt legacy she is going to leave behind……Sams wife

  10. Christopher Webb
    Christopher Webb says:

    POS PelOSi is deranged/demented and a fugly person both inside and out who has absolutely no idea on anything/everything just like the msm brainwashed demos who really believe the lies/fake news that is perpetuated day after day..if the msm were bipartisan and actually doing their job reporting facts this would never have got this far not even Russian Collusion and the country would have been far better off..

  11. S T
    S T says:

    Peloser has just become this sad little person with no shame or intelligence left. Sorry but sad but true. So we will let Metallica say it:
    "I'm your dream, mind astray

    I'm your eyes while you're away

    I'm your pain while you repay

    You know it's sad but true

    Sad but true…"


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