Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) says the witnesses in the open Trump inquiry impeachment hearings are ‘unaware’ of any impeachable offense.

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30 replies
  1. Fatoumata Balde
    Fatoumata Balde says:

    By the grace of GOD the President will victorious over his ennemis, haters n jaleous people. This impeachment is a scheme by the democrats.
    Mr.Trump is the best President .😍❤. GOD will save him this witch hunt, Amen.

  2. Alan Flint
    Alan Flint says:

    Just a shame the President can't remember where his father was born and Russia is the ENEMY.
    What – he's Commander in chief of a nuclear arsenal? Time for remedial geography classes. Sharpie anyone? Anyone?

  3. Linda Martin
    Linda Martin says:

    Once this is over with and Trumps wins the second time, there should be some kind of law to stop these people from doing what they have been doing. It should be against the law to getup in public, saying how much they hate him and talking impeachment all the time.

  4. Wolf Mama
    Wolf Mama says:

    Vindman is an Oblunder holdover and globalist and pro-Soros activist in a US Army Uniform. Look it up.
    Remember that Hunter Biden is not only on Borisma Board but also serves on one of Soros’ Open Society Boards in Ukraine!!

  5. James G
    James G says:


    STOP this "the Ukraine" BS!!

    Do folks say The Germany? The mexico? The Ireland? The Japan? The Russia? The Australia? The Brazil? The China? The Thailand? The Chile? The Georgia?


    JUST the name Ukraine…..

  6. Nail Driver
    Nail Driver says:

    These witnesses cann't testify with out reading from thier written paper work. When ask a question have to go to whats written down. Seems like coordinated wording more than likely with the adam shitfy coup coordinated demorats . QUESTION==During the time that demorts were away from DC awhile back how many of these so called witnesses were contacted and talk to before these corrupted heardings began ? Don't forget that these same people (demorats)were wittness tampering back during their Russian hoax. I believe we are going to find out before this is over with that some of these wittness are ANTI-AMERICA and are Russian spys especially the one dressed uniform. DON'T BE SURPRISED IT'S COMING OUT.

  7. sina mumuta
    sina mumuta says:

    Prayers for peace and love, let the Holy Spirit. Control heart and mind of all members , representatives to ,remorse and love one another, because you are the one who,bring the Country two things ,
    If you serve with love and care,God will bless the Country with happiness,,
    But if you serve with Violence and Hatred the Country fear .
    Time to love one another

  8. hal chesnut
    hal chesnut says:

    How about illegal parking???? Anything that will OBSTRUCT THE EFFORTS OF THE PRESIDENT will work for the desperate democrats!!! It makes me sick the law requires
    us to pay income tax and then to see the democrats waist millions in things they know is not true!!! I hope when this is over that investigations will show they violated their oath of office and violated the constitution!!! It is really a sad time in our government when a old woman that is not mentally competent to be in office can precipitate this scam on a legally elected President. This is nothing but a COUP and the democrats need to be held responsible for
    this!!! pelosi and her goons have scammed the American people way to many times !! out her and her goons!!!

  9. Rackets
    Rackets says:

    Like the testimony at the hearings politicians and people are offering OPINION and wishful thinking.. Trump will be put out of office, the dems will pay at the ballot box in November. We will know how the hearings affect the elections by the end of election night. Until then it is all opinions and wishful thinking.. So get on with your life until then..

  10. HMichael Hawkins
    HMichael Hawkins says:

    We all know it makes no difference what any witness might testify or no testify about. If Jesus Christ and his father,, God, appeared to testify before this House Committee or any other Committee of the House and presented incontrovertible proof the President is not guilty of any impeachable high crime or misdemeanor, the Liberal Democrats are going to vote to impeach the President. It is a waste of time and energy to discuss logical arguments against impeachment.

  11. Bubbles
    Bubbles says:

    Pelosi needs to stop this witch hunt ,and do the work that is sitting in congress for over a year awaiting their approval ,so the American people can get more jobs etc . The bumbling fool has no brain power ,and it’s time she retires!

  12. Yourname Here
    Yourname Here says:

    no bribery?
    NO extiortion?
    What the fuh was Roy Cohn teaching Trump anyways?

    Was he just dealing with his parking tickets or something?
    Trump is either the cleanest man on Earth OR the DOJ is completely corrupt.


  13. Marco Polo
    Marco Polo says:

    The democrats are vindictive little school children playing with fire. The more they lie, the stupider they get.The Dem's will keep trying and trying to impeach Trump for 4 more years.


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