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  1. Evan Loader
    Evan Loader says:

    Is a 10% conversion ratio realistic? If I ever click a youtube link on my iPhone for an Amazon affiliate link it tries taking me to a website instead of taking me to my Amazon app, forcing me to login again. I immediately just close youtube and open my Amazon app manually, and you lose your affiliate link. I don't want to be linked to the Amazon website when I click that link, I want to go straight to the app. That means people have to jump hoops on their mobile devices to be able to use your link that you get paid for. That alone pokes a GIANT hole in your estimation of a 10% conversion, whether they buy something on Amazon or not. On a laptop computer, yes I get it. But not on a mobile device.

  2. mickeyfinn72
    mickeyfinn72 says:

    I watched the Insinkerator install video. He does not mention that you have to tap out the knock-out plug where the dishwasher drain hose connects to the garbage disposal. The dishwasher will not drain unless you do.

  3. tomj528
    tomj528 says:

    A more important question is why you were replacing your garbage disposal. I can't tell you how many times I've had people ask me how to replace theirs and I go take a look and they're just jammed…easily fixed by working it free with the hex wrench and then the circuit protector is usually tripped so a quick push of a button and it's right as rain.

  4. vinyl1Earthlink
    vinyl1Earthlink says:

    It's EARNED income. You pay 15.3% self-employment tax, 25% income Federal tax, and 5% state income tax. Of course, you can diddle around on your Sched C, write off your personal garbage disposal as a business expense.

  5. Ross Macintosh
    Ross Macintosh says:

    Josh I had to repeat the video to confirm you really did say "Butt Splices"! Maybe you can do a video on that — How to Splice Your Butt. ("Don't throw out your old bum just because it has a crack in it. I'm Josh and I can show you how I spliced my butt and and avoided risky surgery.")
    Seriously I appreciate your video and the encouragement you provide. You're right, we could all be doing some kind of instructional videos and potentially supplementing our income.


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