Today we’re talking to those of you with 10 years or so left until retirement. We’ll cover 4 simple steps to consider to build confidence that you’re retirement plan is dialed in. With 10 years until retirement we still have time to make adjustments to your retirement investments as well as how you allocate your savings.

We’re an investing service that also helps you keep your dough straight. We’ll manage your retirement investments while teaching you all about your money.

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  1. Brandon Skwira
    Brandon Skwira says:

    My thinking of someone starting late saving for retirement with 10 years to go is to be super safe in defined maturity ETFs, pay down debt, and then get 4 years of living expenses, and then take social security at 70. That way you might have to downsize your lifestyle some but not substantially. As far as risk for me, I am not worried about risk at all. I started investing in my 20's. I did not put a lot away, but the fact I started early means I can just continue investing in stocks through my 60's. I am going to look at what is purchased including the principle and dividend re-investment and just sell what has been in there for 30 years. That is my plan. There is no need for me to buy bonds. If I started saving at 45, then I might want to think about not going all stocks because I do not have the time.

  2. Dan Festag
    Dan Festag says:

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  3. Mike G
    Mike G says:

    Would you be able to do a FinTips similar to this but for someone in their early 20's? I keep hearing that when you are young you should swing for the fences, but it would be nice to know how to start now so when retirement comes we can worry less

  4. Jacob Zooma
    Jacob Zooma says:

    Holy fuck, I thought I was tripping. You do have 4 fingers, you smart little charismatic "I talk like I am a freaking machine gun" bastard)
    Thanks for the tips and best of luck to you!


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