Jeff Kilburg, KKM Financial CEO, looks at how markets are trading with CNBC’s “Power Lunch” team.


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  1. Dark Room
    Dark Room says:

    WTF are you talking about "optimism"? Even if we get a "deal" right now, it will only mean going right back to square one. This trade war has no clear focus and stands to gain VERY little. We might get a 400pt jump out of it and that doesn't help dismal economic data, slowing manufacturing and increasing debt.

  2. Ricardo Azabache
    Ricardo Azabache says:

    Thanks for your information ms Danielle DiMartino and Mr Voight and Kilburg were right abcut our nation and the rest of the world. Ms Dimartino , l respect your opinion. During all these years the politicians democrats specially The Obama regime open doors to all the countries in the world and negotiating the future of America and the American people, corporations from China, Japan, France, Germany, Ir an Africa exploited our brother and sisters and stopped our employment system, because they want our country to be like them a Socialist democrats and control government. President Trump change that because he is tough to all these socialist democrats and communist leaders in the world and with God help we as brother and sisters and the President elected President Trump are going to rebuild our nation and have the prosperity that we deserve because we fight for justice and love for our nation. Thanks for your honorable words sir.

  3. Billy Mays
    Billy Mays says:

    The USD index is near ATH. The US dollar itself weakens every second of every day. When all economies weaken their currency more than the US they say the USD is "strong". But it is not strong…


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