Josh Brown, Ritholtz Wealth Management, joins ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ to discuss the backdrop for the new market highs.


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  1. eugyero
    eugyero says:

    Josh Brown is the biggest idiot on CNBC, I watch them everyday and all in all they have good investors and give good advice, except this moron. Short anything he says is a buy and short what he suggests. This guy said shake shack before earnings, he said buy slack on IPO, he said Twitter is great especially before elections for political ads and olympics, now says it is great that twitter does not do political ads. Just an idiot rolled into stupid. Seriously follow his trades… is bad.

  2. JAY JAY
    JAY JAY says:

    I've never seen this much euphoria, ever. I would argue even more so than 2000 because that excitement was highly concentrated in tech stocks. Although today we do have the biggest companies in the tech industry, euphoria seems to be surrounding the markets in general. Invest now or you'll miss out forever is the new mantra. Does that mean it will crash tomorrow? Of course not. If the central banks are willing to devalue their currencies, it can continue for a while. But everything must revert to the mean. There are no exceptions. Look at both China and Japan's stock markets. Significantly down from their all-time highs. Particularly with Japan, some have still not recovered decades later. What could trigger it? Perhaps what's underlying this REPO MADNESS. Perhaps the CLO's. It could be CORPORATE DEBT. It could be anything. I'll continue to document the process.


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