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The FT’s political commentator Robert Shrimsley and deputy comment editor Miranda Green sketch out the plots, pacts and possibilities as the parties campaign. Read more at https://on.ft.com/33OCwn3

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34 replies
  1. Ethan Rajan
    Ethan Rajan says:

    The descriptions and diagrams in this video are terrible, surely they could have found some people who could speak better. Also it's not that hard to have consistent lighting on a flat horizontal table

  2. Art Anson
    Art Anson says:

    Another example of realllllly bad drawing and total guesswork from two people who work for a pro-Remoaner group , the "FT".

    Surprised they do not have Remoaner boy-George Osbourne as a guest.

    —————– ————– ————–

    As for the several people in the comments section who think that the people on screen are going to get married…. 🤢 🤕 🤧

    😲 argh ! She would have to be very hard up and blind to be interested in the ugggggly creature-feature with the birth-control glasses and in need of a nose job. He is the perdect example of a "nerd".

    [ You wannabe "match makers" are assuming that he is interested in females. Highly doubtful. He is a Remoaner- Remoaners want free access to their boy-toy friends across the Channel. ]

  3. Frederick Burkert
    Frederick Burkert says:

    LibDem and Tory pact, no deal remaining confused tories who voted against May’s deal to withdraw, redact and moved the border, voted through but taken off the table because its actually irrelevant to the non existent super canada plus trade deal that has no time to get through – Unique deal? Well yes, but they all will be as any trade deal will be due to negotiating by an ex EU country.. no time to go through all the items relative to both sides as Canada is not on a par with the uk for quantities and items to compare. Basically no time shift on the dec 2020 trade deal means it is meant to be a no deal, or remain… Any other party except brexit would have us on track by now, done and dusted..

  4. Plux AuAg
    Plux AuAg says:

    1983 is coming down the pipe, Corbyn will resign on Dec 13th, SNP win big. 383 to 407 seats currently projected for the Conservative Party, Overall Majority between 109 and 167. Tory remainers back Boris, Labour Leavers back Boris, +3.4m on 2017 vs -5.4m for Labour, sitting on 165-189 seats. Labour have lost the election, if the trend continues Boris gets 50% and a bigger Majority than Blair got in 1997. Key to watch, Labour key figures and how they come across, will they distance themselves from a disastrous result. If Ed Milliband keeps his seat he might be put forward again as Leader. Kier Starmer, Thornberry expected to be front runners.

  5. mogznwaz
    mogznwaz says:

    I like that the guy pointed out that 'the public have already worked out what to do anyway'. The elites always insult the intelligence of the British people. We're not stupid.

  6. Jon Rolfson
    Jon Rolfson says:

    The conversation which accompanies the drawing suggests that any graphic (Venn diagram like) representation of this particular electoral conundrum needs to be multi dimensional.

  7. Joan Weightman
    Joan Weightman says:

    This diagram is becoming a perfect metaphor of all this Brexit stuff, summed up in a song.
    "I'm for ever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air". Presently Labour is the only party actually trying to bring the country together in a civilised way. They hear the voice of the bulk of the voters which is some want to stay and a small majority more want to leave. Most of those leavers have good brains to work out that a deal is needed to protect the jobs of the working classes and also to protect the aged and vulnerable. So, Labour very sensibly are giving a genuine real option. They will create a real deal(probably already got it prepared) then let us intelligent ordinary people put a stop to bully boy tactics. Corbyn has shown many years of integrity in sticking true to his word. HE WILL HONOUR THE DEAL REMAIN OPTION HIS GOVERNMENT WOULD CREATE. It's time for us all to get over the play boy performances of the tories personal investment plans with trumpetty trump and give the down to earth Fight hard for people's rights a chance. Come on Labour voters show your true colours, and your compassionate mindset that usually looks out for the hard done by. There are plenty of those around after all these years of tory posturing and cutbacks.

  8. Lucky Circles
    Lucky Circles says:

    You're back again talking as if this was all normal. But it's [would be] a crime against humanity. Voting to take the rights & identity of people away is not legitimate. Draw a picture of that on your sheet

  9. GrrMeister
    GrrMeister says:

    With Steptoe Marxist Corbinista head (Leader) of the Labour Party no contest, who would on this earth Vote for this outrageous anti semitic IRA Sympathiser, nevermind Gaddafi etc.


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