The Chinese government has reacted furiously to the publication of more than 400 pages of sensitive Communist Party documents by the New York Times, which linked President Xi Jinping to the country’s mass detention centers in the far western region of Xinjiang. CNN’s David Culver reports.

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  1. Dries du Preez
    Dries du Preez says:

    I mean, they're not really proving the NYT wrong tho. You can't splutter outrage as much as you want, but howzabout some video eh? (And not that kind of stunt that was pulled in Seth Rogen's The Interview with the fake storefront)

  2. Jurgen Angler
    Jurgen Angler says:

    LUCIFER : fantastic, now the bbc, cnn, dw, france24 and most of the west media are under our possessed demon.
    AL DAJJAL : are you sure bro?
    LUCIFER : off course, look at the fake news that we are supporting. next target is their population has to be brainwashed for possesseing our demon too. do you have any idea?
    AL DAJJAL : yes, i know some idea. pass a bill to support all the violent using our hypnotizing technique. but still can't get the China down, maybe you have other idea..
    LUCIFER : how about we start insulting the all chinese immigrant? Maybe that can help..
    AL DAJJAL : yes that is a great idea…

    ME : praying for the GOD and praying for JESUS, please don't sound the 7th Trumpet and please don't let the Doom come.. Amen Amen Amen

  3. jtizzle275
    jtizzle275 says:

    Lots of gullible people believing in fake news. MSM has been bought sold by politics. This is not Russian interference but American interference. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  4. Sebastian Dreak
    Sebastian Dreak says:

    You know what? When US passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to support protesters only after 5 months of protest, you guys and your governmenymts are doing nothing to Xinjiang problem except talking, while the camps were built and kept building since 2016. Why? You're afraid? I don't think so since you guys are condemning China so hard. So why not make some progress? Why don't you guys do something like Xinjiang Human Rights and Democracy Act? Did I miss something?

  5. David monastary9
    David monastary9 says:

    Xi Jingping is The Filth of Humanity and i hope that he and those that follow him are executed for genocide , they are not just building camps to humiliate people , they are killing people and cutting them up for organ harvesting. They have been doing this to other religious groups like Christians and Falong Dafa for years, what they are doing to Uighers is that times ten, in terms of speed and brutality, they care nothing for human life (the ccp) and dont care about dingnity, all they want is power and more money.

  6. David
    David says:

    Ah who cares trump was locking up children in cages and separating them from their parents.. oh wait that was fake news according to the trump administration

  7. Kevin Weaver
    Kevin Weaver says:

    Well, one possible solution is to not have any detention centers in your country. To be honest, I'm not a politician, so I don't know if that's a solution or not, but it seems to me like a good way to avoid being exposed for having detention centers…

  8. red brown
    red brown says:

    Now that Xi's enemy's learned they can undermine him with the world, many more leaks will come. Xi brutalized, murdered and imprisoned thousands of his political opponents. Many people are just waiting for the opportunity to strike back.


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