Jessica: Monument interns get to see first-hand, what it’s like to work at an innovative, independent, registered investment advisory firm.

Jeffrey: Before I showed up to Monument I thought it would be very formal and intimidating, but upon my arrival the team was very exciting, warm, willing to help me and through that process I’ve learned a lot.

Jessica: An intern can expect to learn how to think like a Financial Planner. An intern’s also going to learn how to build a financial plan for a client and use financial planning software and then how to communicate that to the client. 

Jeffrey: My first impression of Monument was through the website. The website seemed modern and ahead of the curve compared to other firms. When I came into the office it was very open and collaborative and it seemed like an exciting place to work. 

Jessica: Monument is a small team, which means that you’re going to get a chance to really roll up your sleeves and try your hand at financial planning, so you’re not going to be answering the phone or making copies. What you are actually going to be doing is sitting in a lot of client meetings, preparing documents for clients and working on our financial planning software. 

Each week I take an hour to talk about a specific financial planning topic as part of the Financial Planning Learning Series. And these are topics that the interns picked that they’d like to learn more about and it can range anywhere from what are different types of retirement accounts to how does a trust or annuity work. The Financial Planning Learning Series was created out of a desire to give our Financial Planning Interns a greater depth of knowledge in the topics they were encountering on a daily basis. I also use it as a tool to help our interns learn how they need to prepare for the CFP® exam and what sort of questions they may encounter. 

Jeffrey: Monument has shaped me in a way that I realize that financial planning is something that I want to do as a career. As the internship has gone along I have gotten more passionate about financial planning because I see the impact it has on our clients’ daily lives.

Jessica: I think most importantly, what I really want to teach my interns is that being a Financial Planner is not about the numbers. It’s about the people. There is just so much personal fulfillment that you can feel from helping clients find a path forward to their solid financial future.


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