Retirement Planning in India is tricky and often ignored by investors. For decades, Indians have given more importance to other goals in life like chidlren educaiton and house and ignored their retirement planning which has created a situation like a retirement time bomb.

A big number of people in India will not retire will sufficient corpus and will struggle financially once they are old.

In this talk, we are going to talk about various issues like these which are linked to retirement.

Retirement is a phase when your income stops for a tenure, but you still have all your expenses to be done. It can be 30-40 yrs period when you finally turn 55-60 years of age or it can also be a 3 yr period when you take a break from job.

In this vidoe, I have PV Subramanyam of with me to talk at length various things related to retirement planning.

Here are the discussions which are part of this 60 min talk.

– What is Retirement (its not what you think)?
– Investors attitude towards retirement
– Retirement Time Bomb – The future of India
– Job Opportunities which can be created if Govt address Retirement issue
– Top mistakes investors do in their retirement planning
– Where to invest for your Retirement?
– Why retirement planning has become famous these days
– How “bad retirement” puts burden on children
– A quick and simple way of estimating your retirement corpus
– Early Retirement – What it means and is it possible?
– Suggestions for someone who is already late for retirement!

The state of Retirement Planning and awareness in India is very bad and its a time bomb ticking to explode.

A vast majority of people in India are going to face a severe money crunch when they retire as they are not saving enough.

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  1. Seetharama Nadoor
    Seetharama Nadoor says:

    The presentation is too verbose, and too casual: listener's patience will be tried repeatedly to the maximum, especially because of unprepared casual questioning, and more often unnecessary interruptions by the interviewer whose language skills are poor.

    It would have been FAR better if interviewers reduced his own comments, and rasher asked straightforward questions and let the expert Mr. Subra to reply in brief without interruptions.

    Jagoinvestor shroud convert this into a Q&A article so that knowledge can be transferred in about 10 minutes, saving 50 minutes of mild torture listening to poorly organized talk show.

  2. Nitin Shah
    Nitin Shah says:

    My View (1) Retirement Planning should not be limited only to the Financial Goals (2) Most people miss out the Health Goals (3) Own Nature & Psychological Change required & Adjustments goals are totally ignored

  3. Arnab Banerjee
    Arnab Banerjee says:

    On one hand you are telling educating your daughter is the best thing to do than gift gold during her marriage and on the other hand you are telling you need to tell your school /college going child for availing a loan so that you can give priority to your retirement. Feel that the figures are being inflated and bloated to a great extent so that people feel FEAR. A pragmatic and achievable plan has to be discussed. I am sure all of us understand how many people earns a salary of more than 3-4 lacs per month to fuel this kind of ambition and support going forward.


    For the sake of simplicity, the amount arrived is very high & unrealistic.. If somebody has to retire with a corpus of 8 Crores at the age of 58, he has to invest an amount of Rs 30000 every month for 28 years & should get a compounded annual return of 12 % for 28 years without fail. With home loan EMI, car EMI, Insurance policy premium, Children education & other expenses, it will not be possible for even people working in good companies including IT sector.

  5. Growth Mindset
    Growth Mindset says:

    My strategies for an Early Retirement

    1. Reduce personal operating cost (Housing costs are typically the largest)
    2. Replace active income with passive income sources (Real Estate Rentals For Cash Flow)
    3. Automate income streams (Property management, online businesses)
    4. Leave the 9 to 5 =) (Success)

    I genuinely want to inform people how real estate can create income to replace there day job. When I was growing up, no one told me how I can leave the 9 to 5. So I taught myself how I can retire early and work towards financial freedom.  We have put some videos together that may help =)


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