Known for lyrics about her personal relationships and heart warming smile, Taylor Swift has exploded on the music scene, creating a modern spin to pop country music. Learn how she came from a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, to living the life of sold out tours, multi platinum certified albums and high-profile relationships. This is the ultimate up close and personal story of America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift.


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  1. martin saunters
    martin saunters says:

    Look if you have a billion relationships and you claim that all 1 billion ex boyfriends was an asshole…… chances are you're missing the common denominator in all the breakups. 😉
    Wo wo wo wo wo did you just say Taylor Swift is a slut?

  2. Michael Billings Cole
    Michael Billings Cole says:

    Hey hey YouTube this is a great idea movies TV shows documentaries brand new even in the theatre ones I would gladly watch with commercials in it 4-8 (8/hr new in theatre movies unskipble 15-60sec) per hour honestly it's cheap it's easy it's legal and the creators get paid

    Yeah me feel like TV but it's free

  3. La Donna Strang
    La Donna Strang says:

    John Mayer is a wonderous writer and composer. Very captivating. Unfortunately, there is a part of his nature that is out of balance as is apparent in the photo of him in that green thong. Nobody's perfect.

  4. lps pixy wolf
    lps pixy wolf says:

    How come when I click on this it says sorry age-restricted at with a picture of daddy pig taking a shower from Peppa Pig like no joke I'm really confused first of all why is it Taylor Swift but a picture of Peppa Pig none of those things age restricted

  5. M Mac
    M Mac says:

    okay, she’s not a musical prodigy…..she’s hot…that’s it….she’d have no career if she weren’t hot….she had trouble in high school? she was a model

  6. T38 Talon
    T38 Talon says:

    Are you kidding me youtube? Taylor is like virgin snow and I have to log in to see it? Seriously? She doesn't even show belly button… WTF could be 'adult only/sign in' with her? Next up, Bugs Bunny will require a login.. Pathetic…


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