Ross Gerber is an investor and wealth manager with almost a billion dollars in assets under management from some 6,500 clients. He understands gold, and understands the importance of central bank shenanigans like negative interest rates. But he also invests in mainstream equities like Warren Buffett, which puts him outside the gold bug echo chamber. So I had to ask, how does he sleep at night? His answer was quite interesting…


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  1. Ken Holloway
    Ken Holloway says:

    Lobo, I'm still new to your work, but I watched this interview and enjoyed what Ross had to say. I think given his position and experience in the markets, he would have been a perfect investor/speculator to ask about the possibility/probability of a major correction/crash within the next twelve months. I did hear him say we're not in a bubble, but I would argue that a significant amount of the success that wall street has enjoyed is based on trillions of dollars of injected liquidity (which is ongoing of late), unprecedented debt levels, and political favoritism (to say the least). I thought Ross was great, has common sense, earned his money the honest way, and I'm happy for his success. So, I'd like to know if he is hedged/prepared for a big move to the downside, or if he is one of those people who expects nothing but growth and good times ahead?

  2. Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller says:

    i enjoyed the interview. thank you both! i also live in california. i have every year since i was basically born going to the sierras. and lived there for a period of time. lately the place makes me a little uneasy. it used to be things were done to prevent wildfires. or atleast nothing was done to cause them. what i have been seeing is a powder keg. everything they chop down is left all over. mostly right where they cut it. its extremely dangerous to have people vacationing and living in those areas under those conditions. fires are healthy for a forest. but you cant or shouldn't do that when people live there. when people vacation there. another thing people should investigate if they live in California and concerned about fires is PGE. they are not the company they once were. much of these fires are due to their negligence. plus california is a dessert. known to have had 500 year droughts. we historically live in some of the best times for the state. lastly it may also be helpful to look at the history of climate science by not what is being said today, but for the last 60 years. and look at the charts, temps, and what was being said per periods. how things meaning the numbers change for what is the flavor of the day. and ask yourself. is it statistically possible for the numbers to always change for what is being sold? here is a start.


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