Elizabeth Warren is taking her showdown with Wall Street and American billionaires to the airwaves with a new ad. Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi, New York Times Wall Street Reporter Kate Kelly, and Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Josh Brown join Stephanie Ruhle to break down the numbers behind Warren’s plan. Aired on 11/14/19
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Elizabeth Warren Blasts Billionaires In New Ad | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


46 replies
  1. Robert Parker
    Robert Parker says:

    Billionaires along with the government created wealth from the last 11 years by suppressing the wealth capacity of the middle class. That's what the crash was all about. I see a French revolution in America coming our way the 89% will revolt on the Tory class.

  2. Robert Parker
    Robert Parker says:

    The super rich are super smart of avoiding paying Taxes???? I wonder why?? Because they have a army of lawyers and Buy Judges and Politicians to change tax laws at a wim. Even a person thats upper middle class doesn't have that.

  3. cwent610
    cwent610 says:

    You have to save $100 a month over a 30 year period to become a millionaire in the United States. If your broke, you need look no further then the mirror. Capitalism will survive!!

  4. Paul Page
    Paul Page says:

    Trust fund crybaby Donny duetsch, bill gates, and the billionaire elites will vote for the “existential threat” Russian puppet Trump if Bernie Sanders is the nominee. In order for them to protect and keep all their excesses and wealth while the rest of the planet overworks themselves and starves to death

  5. Dan Chavez
    Dan Chavez says:

    This issue…she is right…Capitalism has existed since man lived in groups (the original socialism)…Capitalism was created to provide access and products that were needed by those that could not create them themselves, and helped them to provide more of what they provided…Like a farmer that only knows farming and were able to get a plow that allowed them to produce more crop to feed more people…It has since been ruined by greed…Corporate America should pay all tuitions since they demand their employees have a degree, masters, or doctorates…Its for their profits…if not they can go to the streets and recruit people then teach and train them, themselves. There are many, many, more…Like the saying give a man a fish feed him for a day…eventually he will die slowly even though there is care…OR…teach a man to fish…where he will corner the market…people will still starve, but intentionally…Like hiding cures to ailments or providing meds that provide 10 times more profits off of the side affects (which could even be the primary capitalistic strategy)…Get real…there is a cure to malnutrition…yet it exists…

  6. Elaniago
    Elaniago says:

    Comparing healthcare systems between the U.S. and EU, based on recent economical recovery, just do not make sense. In fact, it’s stupid.
    The EU was faster in turning the economy around after the recessions than the U.S. was.
    The EU now have a small recession, which the U.S. may also get very soon. All very local fluctuations in time that has has nothing to do with the health care systems.

  7. Daniea3
    Daniea3 says:

    Warren is worth 13 million and flipped houses during the foreclosure crisis. Talk to anyone in Massachusetts – this one is a complete phoney plagiarizing others' platforms for the good ol' bait & switch.

  8. ShadowsFate
    ShadowsFate says:

    Elizabeth Warren – Same person who lied to colleges about being Native American to get through without paying a penny, and who used fake heritage to gain political and job powers through life.

  9. Paul Krueger
    Paul Krueger says:

    You know, if we have a liveable wage, healthcare and free college I'm fine with less charity. If you put it that way I think these charitable institutions might agree. It is a demonstrable fact that for every $1 you give the tax dept you get $6 more in taxes, so im hardly scared.

  10. Zamora Lowe
    Zamora Lowe says:

    Thank you President Obama for bringing our economy and healthcare to where it is! Because now we know WE CAN have it and the Republican
    and the one precent want to give the American people handouts and and leave us poorer and poorer. They are robbing the American people!!! Time for a BIG change

  11. Lydia Bell
    Lydia Bell says:

    Hey, I beg to differ . GERMANY, the most successful country in Europe, is doing quite well, thank you, in spite of all the social programs, in spite of higher taxes for the rich and in spite of stronger unions and 30 days vacation for employees, which by the way, can be stretched to 60 days when holidays are included. And American companies have to abide by German law in regard to health care, vacation and sick days and other benefits, and those companies are thriving in spite of it. And by the way, ten years after the end of WWII, Germany had already undergone the "economic miracle", needing to import foreign workers from the whole continent because of it. Most of the thousand cities that had been bombed to ashes during the war by the Allies had been rebuilt and were thriving. Compare that with New Orleans, where the hurricane over ten years ago inflicted a lot of damage in just this one city, which more likely than not, has not been restored to this day.

  12. Lydia Bell
    Lydia Bell says:

    Most of the billionaires make their money WITH AND FROM THE WORK of many, many people. Does anyone think Bezo could handle sending out packages all over the country and world without all those little worker bees who often have to work under the worst conditions. So let's face it, most of them could NOT DO IT ALONE, and therefore the workers in reality should be part owners of their companies. Period. And not work for hunger wages. Workers are ENTITLED to share in the company's profits because it is THEY who are making the company grow, and not some CEO. NO CEO in the world could do the work of thousands of people.

  13. BirdArvid
    BirdArvid says:

    She will never be president; neither the DNC, nor the GOP, nor Wall Street will allow it.. she's too good for this country.. she's fighting for average joe, but average joe is busy fightin' for the GOP billionaire's and work against his own best interest to notice..

  14. Joel
    Joel says:

    Warren is further alienating the independents, libertarians and moderate republicans, and unfortunately she has good chances of becoming the nominee. I you still have the appetite for 4 more years of Trump, then nominate her — I don't, and this is why I support Tulsi Gabbard 100%, the only democrat who would not just win, but destroy Trump in 2020.

  15. David M. Evans
    David M. Evans says:

    Seriously people!! 🤯 It wasn't that long ago that the great Obama Care didn't play out like we were "told" I mean fooled 😲 when has a demonicrat program not gone over budget or their figures turned out to be flawed/wrong 🤔 Use the California high speed train as an example, over budget before they even broke ground!! 🤯 A demonicrat City was the largest bankruptcy in US history 😬 Come on people stop being fooled by the no business smarts demonicrat candidates that have never run a company or been a governor in charge of creating jobs and balancing revenue and costs Kapish!!! 🙏

  16. Me
    Me says:

    In Canada, with our universal medicare, companies don't have to worry about setting up healthcare plans for their employees, and employees don't have to stick with a job they hate because they need that healthcare plan. If a company wants to have additional an additional coverage plan along with government medicare for their employees, fine. But on the whole, a government/tax funded medicare plan would greatly simplify health care for everyone. And most modern countries have such plans, and they work. Americans need to give up their notion that only insurance companies and their employers can provide the necessary health care that everyone needs. Paying an insurance company is a waste of money. More people need to figure that out.

  17. Atemporal
    Atemporal says:

    this debate is ridiculous. if billionaires are taxed under Warren's presidency they're still going to be filthy rich. Leon and other billionaires can stop playing the victim because I have the tiniest violin here for them to play 🎻

  18. Steven Shumate
    Steven Shumate says:

    During this campaign cycle Warren has had 2 billionaire contributors that has funded her campaign, 30 over her congressional career. Bernie Sanders has ZERO!!! In both cases.
    What does that tell you?


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