How far are you into your financial planning for retirement? This video series of 99 Retirement Tips from billionaire money manager Ken Fisher’s firm Fisher Investments covers some financial tasks to consider and check off your list as part of your retirement planning.
Are you enrolled in a pension? As you’re pension planning, consider their function as part of making a retirement plan. They’re structured so your monthly check is larger if it runs for only your lifetime, and somewhat less if your spouse continues to get half the benefit after you’re gone. If you’d like your spouse to benefit the rest of his or her life as well, you’ll get even less money from your payments. So when making a retirement plan, consider how dependent you are on your pension. Your choice has less weight if your pension is only one aspect of your retirement income.
Considering other retirement investments? Mutual funds provide diversification, but purchasing a collection of mutual funds can lead to high fees, limiting your returns. So if you are purchasing funds as a supplement to your retirement investments, consider low-cost index funds instead. Purchasing an index fund may allow you to diversify in stock indexes for lower prices than mutual funds. If you buy index funds, do so passively—don’t jump from index fund to index fund when markets are shaky.
Lastly, as you’re ironing out the details of your retirement income and investments, create a financial cushion for yourself by leaving a gap between your expected income and what you plan to spend. It’ll ease any anxiety you may have about sticking to a budget. It’s easier to spend more money than you planned than less, so giving yourself some breathing room can help you make wiser decisions.
We hope this series of retirement tips eased some of your worries about planning for retirement. To learn more of Ken Fisher’s 99 Retirement Tips, tune into the rest of our series or download the guide here.

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