Moneylife Foundation conducted an exclusive workshop for senior citizens on financial planning, retirement and important insights on how to be safe and smart. A write up of the event can be found here:

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  1. Sujit Banerjee
    Sujit Banerjee says:

    Sr citizens of India – – – – most of whom have not retired from govt jobs getting pension for them followed by their spouce. But since 1947 politicians even if served as ministers for a year or 2 gets secured pension life long along with other benifits + unaccountrd money generated through illegal means – – – – but we the Sr Citizens require safe future from these politicians who asked vote so many years – – – – save from Cheaters with big brand names in a sofisticated way – – – – so would request Money Life to guide Sr Citizens where we should deposit our hard earn money to survive in a descent living from 60 to 90 years without expecting to depend on our children who also r stressed in current social scenario

  2. Rajinder Pahwa
    Rajinder Pahwa says:

    Ms sucheta is worthy of high praise for such an expert and well professed advice. Would eagerly wait for her coming lectures on other issues for example reverse mortgage system and few others too which she suggested to be matter of separate discussion. I express my gratitude to her for useful advice.

  3. Suresh Sindhi
    Suresh Sindhi says:

    Apart from reverse mortgage plans offered by banks where the tenure of the income is fixed, there is RMLEA (Reverse Mortgage Loan enabled Annuity)plan offered by the insurance company through banks where annuity is paid throughout the lifetime of the member.


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