What Should I Pay Off First?

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31 replies
  1. TR OY
    TR OY says:

    Hi Dave I am a self employed business owner with a small landscape company I have 4 trucks and 4 crews. I have been reading your baby step plan and don't know how I apply it to being a small business owner. all my personal vehicles are paid off. I have a 6 months emergency account saved up. but I have one business vehicle that is NOT paid off do I pay that vehicle off and then start chopping away at my house payment to pay it off early? or is the business considered a separate entity and it's OK to have something financed for the business?

    GEAUX FRUGAL says:

    I got a ghetto glider 2001 grand Marquis and it was well cared for . Love the ride of the car majic carpet . Not the best mpg but it basically sits in the driveway 23 hours a day spends maybe 5 min a day running. My commute not even half mile. All ny bills $205 a month not including medical and food.

  3. oscar argueta
    oscar argueta says:

    Im 24 and am currently in debt with loans of 8k, and 4k. I am wanting to buy a house as a rental property and start to pay off that debt with the extra money i make from the rental property. Should i do that or should i just have the cash i have right now saved up for the down payment to pay off the debt completely and then wait another year or so to save up that down payment again??

  4. Alan_1212
    Alan_1212 says:

    I had a brand new 2019 Toyota RAV4. Luckily I only owed 21,000 and when I sold it, they gave me what I owed for the car. I now drive a 2012 Toyota Camry with 55,600 miles on it and there is already rust on top lol. Sometimes we have to do things we don't wanna do to get ahead.

  5. Lynn Ray19
    Lynn Ray19 says:

    I have 5 more payments on my car of $380 per month and $165 insurance. And guess what I haven't drove in 2 years. Because medically I can't. But I was trying to keep my credit good, but I got a really bad deal on this car but of course I didn't have any money saved and I needed a car.
    This $500+ is about to be in my pocket for good lol I don't drive anymore, no stupid car note ever again!

  6. Eddie Wow
    Eddie Wow says:

    I enjoy cars too. But not to a point where it’s taking a lot from my paycheck. I may have an old 2011 Accord but she’s paid off. And a paid off car with title on hand is more attractive than a brand new financed car on any given day.

  7. Mr. Wick
    Mr. Wick says:

    Ramsey way: smallest regardless of interest rate🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Financially advantageous way: largest interest rate first……which saves you mo' $$$$$$$$

  8. Mind Leaves
    Mind Leaves says:

    Always great advice Dave !! So thankful I discovered this show early in my life… life forever changed! Debt free at 26- and bought our car cash recently ! Thankss Dave Ramsey

  9. Gardener Earth Guy
    Gardener Earth Guy says:

    Glad they called Dave and didn't finance an expensive vacation to use the time to figure this out….

    Either way, delivering pizza for that sweet $5k a month is the fastest way to being debt free.

    That motorcycle might make a low fuel bill, pizza delivering setup, if he pays cash for some pizza warmers as saddle bags.


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