Do you know how much you need for the Retirement? Planning to retire at 30 or 40? Then this video iterates the importance of Retirement planning, how much money you need to save and how much money you can withdraw from the corpus.
Use our Retirement Calculator to know your retirement plan.

Retirement is an exciting topic for most of us.However, we waste most of our precious time for things of least important. Sometimes we would have spent days to purchase a dress. We meticulously plan to book a movie ticket of our favourite star. Yet, we don’t plan well for our retirement. Retirement today is not that of a generation ago. Gone are the day of a company pension, company-paid health care and other benefits. It is necessary to plan for adequate finance for retirement. Most of us do not know how much we have to save for the retirement. In US, 4 in 10 people believe that they need $1 million to retire. In India, very few people plan
for their retirement and most of us think that they can work till death to take care of their expenses. Unplanned Retirees either have to dramatically curtail their spending or keep working to survive Believe me, there are many parameters associated with retirement. The very first thing is you have to decide when you want to retire. Some lucky people retire at 30 but considering retiring at 40 itself seems to be a challenging one. The biggest challenge is to create a corpus which will
support till the life expectancy.

About #Finyugen: We are not a conventional company to offer products & services. Finyugen concentrates on the following three aspects: Wealth, Health and Happiness. We help the investors to save more and plan their early retirement. We conduct seminars and workshops regularly on the topics covering wide range of Personal Finance.

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