In this video, we outline the big retirement planning issue facing baby boomers and advisors.

If you’re near retirement you and your financial advisor have played the accumulation game for decades. Retirement changes all the rules. You go from accumulation to retirement and few are prepared for it.


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  1. Jose Perez
    Jose Perez says:

    No you don’t have human capital, you have interest on your portfolio, decumilation? Not sure if a word…anyhow,expenses go down in retirement, and if one use 4 percent withdraw ,no worries what so ever… thee folks are always selling the sky is falling theory…

  2. George Rambus
    George Rambus says:

    I'm about 6 years from retirement and even though I have accumulated a high 6 figure retirement account (most of which is invested in dividend paying stocks) I have been setting my lifestyle up to live comfortably off of my SS alone. In fact, I'm nearly there now by being debt free and living fairly frugally. My wife and I go out about once a week to eat but otherwise cook most meals at home and just don't spend a lot. Knowing that I can live comfortably off my SS, even if that program disappears in my lifetime, I know I'll be fine due to my large retirement account that I'm not counting on in my mind! Guess that's just my mindset.

  3. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith says:

    I have accumulated a lot of wealth, think I can reasonably pull out of it with minimal taxes, and even leave some. But I think the whole defined contribution experiment is going to end badly. Most people are not disciplined enough, knowledgeable enough and don't earn enough. I honestly think we need a defined benefit system for the great bulk of people.

  4. wsgriffi
    wsgriffi says:

    Hey Roger,
    I am not sure if you have talked about this before or not but I would love for you to discuss the best process for converting your taxable 401K into a Roth after your start retirement but before you start drawing social security. I have started looking at this and the tax implications that go along with it. Love your videos and 'noodling' with you. Scott


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