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NOTICE: All Paid Reviews And Features on my channel were paid for by the crypto companies in the form of Bitcoin ranging from .2 to 1 BTC or in some cases equal or double value in the project’s tokens. Paid reviews do not mean a positive review so as to maintain the integrity of the Crypto Crow Channel.

I am a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investor, Trader and Entreprenuer though I am not a licensed financial advisor and you should always do your own research and based any actions you take in the crypto space from your own efforts. I focus my channel on my opinions of the space to help educate the public on potential projects worth looking into or avoiding.
My goal is to bring the world to crypto investing as the transfer of wealth happening right now is real and the opportunities are abundant.
I’ve personally invested in projects such as Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), NEO, Ontology, OmiseGo (OMG), Ripple (XRP), AION and many others. Some will perform well, others will not. Crypto is a high risk vs high reward endeavor to never be taken lightly.

I try to offer a variety of content on my channel including how-to’s, crypto security, project features and reviews as well as interviews with leading blockchain developers and CEO’s.

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NOTICE: All Paid Reviews And Features on my channel were paid for by the crypto companies in the form of Bitcoin ranging from .2 to 1 BTC or in some cases equal or double value in the project’s tokens.


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  1. Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!
    Work With Nature - How to Grow Food! says:

    Hmm, stellar does not have many validators, therefore it is not decentralized. Same with neo, eos, tron. I would imagine the only difference between what blockchain can do over mainstream tech is that it is decentralized. Ada and eth seem to be working on options that lets them scale a lot, but allows them to be decentralized. Otherwise we can all just go and invest in tech stocks like everyone else.

  2. FreakyFast 43
    FreakyFast 43 says:

    Crow you're the man but I think your Ada price is pretty low…if you don't think there's the possibility of it going far far beyond $10 over the next 5-10yrs you're crazy man…🚀⏳

  3. Jack Martin
    Jack Martin says:

    Did you see the 3comma direct API to Binance trading? Free trading, most interesting. Check out CryptoRevolution on YT. Saying brother. 🌳 You might know him as Crypto Bitcoin Chris. ⚡

  4. Jack Martin
    Jack Martin says:

    Damn Jason just missed ya. You looking like the champ that you are. Brother you never disappoint, never. Love ya you fucker. XLM I've been riding 🚴that bitch. XLM is tied to XRP. Same guys, read between the lines bro.


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