“This Idea of FI would have been great if I had found this in my 20’s or 30’s but will it work for me now?”Is it too Late? Becky and her husband found themselves with nothing saved for retirement at the age of 50 and implemented an incredible financial transformation. Becky joins us to share her story of hope for those getting started on the path to Financial Independence a little later in life and after several financial setbacks.


Episode 152
00:00 Introduction for Becky heptig

2:33 Becky’s financial game plan for the first half of her marriage

11:32 The psychology of Becky’s financial thought process with the impending and insidious onset of fear

13:06 When did the mindeset begin to shift?

20:15 What impact did this have on the kids?

26:43 The inflection point

43:35 At FI, and why generosity is so important to Becky

50:45 Is it too late?

52:08 The Hot Seat

1:01:25 Closing comments


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  1. Karen Hylton
    Karen Hylton says:

    Fantastic to hear different stories, ranging in age and financial situation. We can learn a lot about FIRE from young engineers that found the path early in life. But also a lot to learn from the 50+ crowd that started FIRE later in life. As always ChooseFI has hit the mark. (First time commenter, avid listener) Love the community. I found my people. The Fire is spreading. Your Canadian fan.

  2. Maura this, less of that
    Maura this, less of that says:

    Great Episode! I can totally relate to this interview. I am in late 40's and we have been learning about FI over the past year. I feel like we are on a similar path to Becky. No clue in 20's-30's. We got our act together over the past five years and now we are setting ourselves up to retire in the next 10-11 years. We also used Edward Jones and switched to vanguard last year after watching an interview with Jack Bogle. I feel like we wasted a lot of time and money, but we are still able to play catchup and retire in a timely fashion. Never too late to change for the better! Thanks so much for the great content.

  3. VidaWithVicky
    VidaWithVicky says:

    As someone who is in my late 40s, this episode was PERFECT for where my husband and I are. We were introduced to this community in the last year. Glad to hear that it isn't too late and that Becky had the confidence to move her investments to Vanguard at such a late stage in the retirement game. This is where I am. I'm nervous to make the jump. Thank you for putting a face to this stage of life. I subscribed to her blog immediately!! THANK YOU!


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