Keeping track of your assets has never been easier. TOPdesk’s Asset Management module shows you all asset-specific information in a single overview. Need a broader perspective? The module also provides a graphical overview of all your assets and how they are related, so you can easily determine the impact of disruptions.

Best of all: you decide what your asset cards look like and what information you want to see. The design mode lets you customize asset cards to your needs and preferences.

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  1. Ninja_Prime
    Ninja_Prime says:

    I use Topdesk at work, The New Asset Management module still has a long way to go. It's a great tool and is good to use as you can create your own tickets with just the data you want to capture.
    However, it still needs to have some of the features from the existing Asset module migrated across. We have a lot of assets that we book out and use the Reservations module all the time, but at the moment the New Asset Module does not distinguish the assets and clumps them all under "Other" in the Reservation module, which is very confusing for the customers and operators alike. Don't get me wrong, the New Asset Management module has plenty of potential and is constantly under development and review and we like what's been done to it and where its going.


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