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  1. BuildingwithTrees
    BuildingwithTrees says:

    Reality: she gets full custody, the house in Delaware where she'll move the kids, her simp will follow, and 7/10ths of your garnished wages. Oh, and 1/2 your pension.

    On the bright side, you can never retire, you can live in the barracks, eat from the mess hall.

  2. MrNckissfan
    MrNckissfan says:

    And this is one of many reason why men should never give automatic passes to widowed single mothers. As a Marine Corps veteran, I can’t tell you the many military wives who have cheated on their husbands while serving overseas.

  3. Jane Baker
    Jane Baker says:

    So sad. I do kind of get this. My husband left for a bit and I realized "wow, this is so much easier" Less mess, easier dinner, it's like I went to two kids to one. No moodiness and demands. But we talked it out and everything's good 👍

  4. God
    God says:

    before doing anything else, learn from this experience and don't fall into the marriage trap again. learn to be self reliant and you'll have peace and more importantly, dignity.

  5. pakalupapito
    pakalupapito says:

    I'm going to be clear here and say I have no problem with women working. But women being able to work now makes marriage a little more faulty and kind of shows how much of a scam marriage truly is for both parties

  6. JJ Anthony
    JJ Anthony says:

    Poor guy. Lesson learned hopefully…don’t get married in the military, or ever for that matter, but especially in the military. Selfish, ungrateful women like this are after the cushy military wife life, reaping all the benefits and then they cheat when hubby is deployed, then file for divorce when it’s time to move on to the next chump. Happens all the time.

  7. SAB FAN
    SAB FAN says:

    Don’t EVER get married if you are in or going into a combat arms type unit, never, ever! Those are the most deployed units, and I saw unbelievable things happen in my 6 years at the 82nd. Crazy what wives did when we were in the field….🤷‍♂️

  8. Joshua N
    Joshua N says:

    Let me guess. He fell for the age old belief that: He's different. He's special. What everyone else has experienced will not happen to him. He found the one woman who will not cheat when the opportunity arises. Reality has a fun way of keeping you in check when you start to belief in fantasies. Also, the same goes if the genders were reversed but obviously the caller is a man calling about his wife so really no need to bring up the other side.

  9. Victoria Hadden
    Victoria Hadden says:

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