I’ve always been a fan of the 3 bucket retirement plan. But it’s just an extra level of complexity that most retirees don’t want to contend with.

But if you’re comfortable, this may be something to consider.

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12 replies
  1. Fred Grau
    Fred Grau says:

    I'm a huge fan of the 3 bucket approach. Bucket #1: 1-2 years of cash. Bucket #2: 8 years of only VWINX (VWINX has never lost $$$ over ANY 3 year period). Bucket 3: All other stock index funds (and maybe 1 REIT Index). Assuming a 5% withdrawal rate: If stocks go up more than 5%, refill bucket #1 (and maybe bucket #2) from bucket #3. If stocks increase less than 5%, refill bucket #1 with bucket #2 only. If stocks drop in value, refill bucket #1 from bucket #2 AND refill bucket #3 from bucket #2. When taking Social Security @70, you can decrease the total amount in bucket #2.

  2. myvenusheeler
    myvenusheeler says:

    Hmm…This guys portfolio is way too busy for most retirees.I will totally pass on this as it's far easier to maintain three to maybe five funds at the most.This is not rocket science.

  3. Sergio Santana
    Sergio Santana says:

    Thus article makes it more difficult than it has to be 8 years of safe income in bucket # 1 is not unreasonable(laddered cds) that will give Bucket #2 8 years of growth using a balanced fund or even an index annuity that will then fill bucket #1 after it is exhausted this will protect you from sequence risk early in retirement when it is most vulnerable this will now give Bucket#3 15 years of growth in an aggressive fund to start the process all over again for the next 15 years of your retirement .you can argue that this approach exposes you to an allocation heavy in stock as you get older but recent research by W Pfau and M Kites concluded that this strategy (A rising equity glide path) will increase your success in retirement .

  4. dublinbluetune
    dublinbluetune says:

    every time I see one of these articles, the writer always manages to include funds that are closed to new investors. Bucket number 2 includes VDGIX and VWINX – both of which are closed to new investors . So really what's the point then? Just tooting their own horn?


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