The disappointing valuation of WeWork and the poor performance of Uber and Slack on the stock market are raising concerns that the world’s largest tech investor could be in trouble. Mercedes Ruehl from the FT’s Tech Scroll Asia newsletter explains why. Read ‘SoftBank to ”double down” on WeWork investment’ with one free article: Take our survey and tell us what you like about our YouTube channel and would like to see more of:

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27 replies
  1. Lee Ron
    Lee Ron says:

    Dont listen, you guys! they are trying to scare you away from making a ton of money. this is Masa Son we're talking about here;he is considered to be Warren Buffett of tech.

  2. Nurdin Kühnel
    Nurdin Kühnel says:

    Well, the downside of spray and pray. Failure can happen. The high valuation scenarios are known already from 500Startups and its funds promosing investors an annual return of 34% or German Rocket Internet and its Zalado style e-commerce spin-offs. However, Softbank is obviously more diversified and therefore in the long-run a sure shot. As is 500Startups. The catch with WeWork was the lengthy lease terms for properties extending to more than double of market usual lease terms. And the leaving package of the CEO of US$ 1.7bn is quite frankly not justifiable given the state of the company and the drop of valuation.


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