When the weather gets warm, it’s tempting to put financial tasks on hold. But now may be an opportune time to boost your nest egg. We have a full article on steps you can take this summer to focus on retirement that can be found here https://home.barclaycardus.com/why-barclaycard/make-this-the-summer-you-take-charge-of-your-retirement-savings.html


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  1. ceeweedsl
    ceeweedsl says:

    I am starting to really HATE this bank. They used to be ok. I have many $ in CDs with them but lately they make it very hard to get to my accounts. They redirect attempts to log in to the banking site to marketing for their damn credit card. It takes many tries to get to my accounts. NO WAY would I get a credit card with these guys. They have really sleazy marketing practices. I just want to finish my CDs and get as far away from them as possible.

  2. Tommy Muscarello
    Tommy Muscarello says:

    Do not get this credit card. I never missed or was late with a payment. I do have a low credit score. Even though I have had this account for years. Barclays closed my account and stole my 13,610 Fun Points.


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