Planning for Social Security and Retirement Income can be challenging. Don’t make these 3 Social Security mistakes and make sure you have a retirement strategy in place for your retirement income. Months ago we sat down to do our retirement income planning and made a BIG mistake. We’ll share that mistake with you in this video.
Should you take Social Security at 62, 66 or 70? We’ll cover that issue. We cover similar issues you may have seen or heard form Devin Carroll and the Retirement Answer Man, for both retirement planning and financial planning.
The Social Security website has some great information available to you including the retirement calculator which is great for financial planning. Whether you’re planning on early retirement (social security at 62) or full retirement at 65 or late retirement at 70, the website will be of great for financial planning at retirement.

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18 replies
  1. Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown says:

    I agree with the comments, a timely video for many. My wife and I are a little younger, 1957 instead of 1956, but not in the same financial boat as you guys are. Advantages are our house is already paid for. Only owe for our 5th wheel and 2018 Rav4 hybrid and both will be paid off before our retirement date in 2023. Our plan is retire at 65 for Medicare but hold off on Social Security for the year to the 66.6 for us to get the 100%. With our employment retirements we should be good to coast for the year without S.S. Can't do without any medical, even though, so far, no serious health issues to worry about. But we're ALL getting older! We really like and enjoy your channel and videos!

  2. BluWave Odyssey
    BluWave Odyssey says:

    Debbie let me know about the last three years determining our pension $ amount, but we haven't crunched the numbers yet. This is very good information. Thanks for sharing this video. FYI: We shouted you out on our "RV Questionnaire Challenge" video. Please, check it out, if you're up to it. Thank you.

  3. boots-n-bling4me
    boots-n-bling4me says:

    Thank you for taking the time to try to explain this very complicated subject. My husband turns 60 in Dec. but I am still 52 – I would like to be able to retire when he does, hopefully in 6 years so that will make me 58 . I cannot pull SS until 62 at the earliest correct? So If I don't work for 4 years prior to 62, that will give me a Zero income towards the 35 years is that correct? I started working at 18 full time but took a few yeas off here and there to have children 🙂 .

  4. Jamie Wimer
    Jamie Wimer says:

    Great information, guys! It’s so important to do your research and consult with a professional when making retirement plans.

    My husband and I are 38 and 44 just starting our family. But it’s never too early to think about retirement.

  5. SLBD
    SLBD says:

    Great information! One thing I wish I new upon retiring early (62). I could have received SS based on my husband's age/retirement and not taken my own SS until age 70 or even 72. It is my understanding that my SS would have grown by that 8% you mention until I turned 70, then I could have switched over to my own SS. If there is clarity on this by someone in the community, please share in case my info not quite correct. Too late for us but could help another couple's funds in retirement. Thank you for this show!

  6. Jonnie's Journey
    Jonnie's Journey says:

    Wow I didn't know that. Yay I hit 35 years in November. I think about retirement almost every day. I am 15 years away though. I work in the ER where every day lives are changed. I have to figure out a way to retire at 60. 😪

  7. Life, on OUR time
    Life, on OUR time says:

    Different but similar up here north of the border. Canada Pension at 65 gets reduced by a percentage annually back to as early as 60, and increase a lot when extended as far as 70. The difference in numbers can be huge.

  8. Rhonda Moore
    Rhonda Moore says:

    Plan, plan and plan some more you couldn't be more right! My husband and I met with a financial advisor in our thirties and made a plan. I retired at 55 with 30 years of service, I am on PERA retirement. My husband just retired ( at 59.5) with 40 years service and will receive a pension. We can get into our 401K when needed. We saved very hard for many years so we could retire early and travel😊. Looking forward to rewarding ourselves with a new truck and 5th wheel trailer and hitting the road! Love your videos and hope to run into one day!

  9. Katherine B.
    Katherine B. says:

    Norm and Kim, Hello from North Texas! 👋 I’ve always made extra mortgage payments. That has saved me $$$. Also my next comment may sound strange…if a person is not in good physical shape..start getting fit. I have a neighbor down the road who is 87. She’s very active and her health is great! That translates into perhaps lowering the risk of having high medical bills later in life.

  10. Mike Muller
    Mike Muller says:

    Thanks for the tips! I had never heard of the 35 year rule. We started tracking our retirements about 10 years ago, but we still have a few years before we actually retire. Our numbers look favorable for now, I guess we will see how things work out. My wife and I will both have retirement pensions, but only I will qualify for social security (neither one of us has paid into social security for a very long time). A big part of our retirement plan is to relocate unless we chicken out. We want to sell off our current house and pay cash for a new one in Utah around the Elk Ridge area. Maybe we should have bought a few years ago since real estate prices seem to be going up possibly even faster in Utah than they are in our area of Washington.


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