No need to look beyond your bank for your wealth management requirements. SBI launches “SBI Exclusif” an unique banking experience for our Wealth Customers where you can avail of wealth management services backed by high values and strong research. It will help you create, grow, secure and enjoy your wealth for generations. Launched at Bengaluru, will come to select cities shortly.

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  1. Ravi Sundararajan
    Ravi Sundararajan says:

    All Hype only. In reality these guys do not have the capability to handle. They are fit for high volume mass business and not wealth management. I have personally seen many better managed and customer focused organisations. Do't waster time on them. The so called RMs do't even contact customers. On top they miss appointments (forget) if you want to meet them.. SBI has to learn a lot from others in the market. They believe that they are big. That had led to arrogance and complacence.


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