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CNN’s Nina Dos Santos discusses the eurozone debt crisis and what this will mean for Greece.

Eurozone debt crisis (French, German and Greek leaders to hold urgent talks)

Charles Proctor (International Banking & Finance Lawyer)

United States worried about global impact of eurozone crisis.

Olli Rehn (EU Commissioner) said…
“A default ny Greece or its exit from the eurozone would carry dramatic costs for Greece, the region and the global economy.”

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    @TheARMAProductions i hate grease, always have hated that country, maybe this is their punishment for trying to frame a british man a few years a go who was in grease and the bastard cops put drugs on him and made out it was his and if it wasn't for a cameraman filming nearby at the time he would've gone inside, fucking pricks, so up yours to grease, grease has to to be the worst country in the eu and now they want to take us all down with them, bomb the bastards that be the quickest solution


    when will we have another world war? i getting bored fed up waiting to know for sure, i very surprised it hasn't happened long time ago, such as likes of iraq, iran ,afganistan, now a bloody world recession, now the morans in greace they want to take us all down with them, i'd rather have a climate change or a world war than all this shit going on

    i feel really mad an angered by all these politicians in no matter what country you live an fucking up the countries with their heads up their asses

  3. George L.
    George L. says:

    Lets be more serious.This time Greece suffers…the contilually repeating story that greeks ate all the money from eu is not true at all.They are the most hard workers as the work 42 hours the week and the are paid with a basic sallary of 452 euros.All this propaganda is so unright and many people has to learn that greece is a victim of international bankers…so dont blaim without knowing…!Many civilizations owe so many things to this country that you dont even dream..!


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