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  1. Sally Clay
    Sally Clay says:

    It's nice to see your grown children thriving, and doing well. Good luck with your relationship with both of them. Some families only have negative dealings with their families.Communication is the key.

  2. Jean Reed
    Jean Reed says:

    I F is a very tiny word to try to stand on. When every someone said "if" I do this then you'll get that, is the same as saying to me; "I had a dream, it goes like this….." Maybe the dream will come true, don't count on it, unless you have nothing steaked on that dream. Or your setting yourself up for a fall.

  3. Debra VanSandt
    Debra VanSandt says:

    Really good news! Your son is a gem. My son and I consider ourselves a team. We’ve been one for decades. He has a beautiful, loving family of his own, but they are all I have. We’ve been each other’s backup for years and it’s worked out well for us. I understand the floating feeling when your kid finally gets it and wants to be there for you like you are for them. The love in your heart at that moment is overwhelming. ❤️

  4. eric brufatto
    eric brufatto says:

    Debra Joy…I have only watched a handful of your videos, and I find your story interesting. I wonder why you haven't monitized your channel. You could be making 8 to 9 hundred bucks a month!

  5. CJThunder
    CJThunder says:

    I would love it if you could find free camping. I know there are plenty of public lands. You could be safe and around others that are boondocking it. I would feel much better if you would look into this.It's better to be around others who can keep an eye on you to make sure you're always ok. Little Hazel would have friends as well.

  6. CJThunder
    CJThunder says:

    I believe if you are approved for Disability they base it on what you've paid in over your years of working. So for someone that has not much work history at all will get the minimum. That's how they determine your benefits.

  7. relsba
    relsba says:

    So sorry about your comments about most marriages don't work. I was married at 18, have 3 wonderful children, 6 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. 58 years later, it is still working. I admit it helps that both of our parents were in healthy longtime marriages, and have God as our center.

  8. linda moody
    linda moody says:

    you ought to try to live on less than a $733. with $668. rent ,about $20.copay on meds and not much left for personal things.lf i wasnt ill i would do exactly what your doing, i admire you so and am really enjoying your commentaries. and don't think bad about being married 6 times,girl 8 here, but i kept looking for the perfect husband and father ,oh and by the way ,i married the first one twice. hehe

  9. Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson says:

    Debrajoy, Your son sounds just like my daughter. The really crazy thing is when I first found you on You Tube I just saw a minute or 2 at the most and I was cracking up. I immediately forwarded your video to my daughter before I even saw any more of it and I asked her "who does this sound just like?" (in mannerism, acent, just what you were saying) ME… lol it was like I was watching and listening to myself. Anyway, that was my inyroduction to you and then you're talking about your son and it sounds just like you're talking about my daughter. LOL

  10. Kelvin Miller
    Kelvin Miller says:

    I'm sure if you do a gofundme a lot of people would most likely contribute because anybody with coming sense can tell your sincere and not out to get money and really rather depend on yourself.

  11. Candace Mcghee
    Candace Mcghee says:

    I understand the family live-in situation…once adults we have our own way of living and it can become a strain no matter h ow much we love each other…. Many of us have been there done that. peace and blessings

  12. m romeyn
    m romeyn says:

    Sounds a lot like me with my son, though we are just stubborn Irish. I also had that $134.00 SSDI scare and am dealing with it right now. I am turning 65 and had to retire 10 yrs ago due to MS and Degenerative Disc Disease. How do they think we can live on our SSDI and then want us to live on $134 less?? I love your videos. Thank you. Oh and Miss Hazel too!

  13. Alice Devens
    Alice Devens says:

    GO FUND ME, please let us know if ya open one…its not asking for something bad, ur asking for help, some of us need it, and this is a wonderful asking..what is more important then ur children. nothing but God!! Set one up honey, ill get people from my area of Benton, Wilkes Barre, Dallas, Harveys Lake, pa to donate…God bless ya honey..Alice

  14. Abbie Baker
    Abbie Baker says:

    Debrajoy, Please be careful about the GoFundMe account. It will affect your disability and you could even lose your benefits altogether. This happened to my niece who just recently passed away from stomach cancer. When it's attached to your SS#, it gets reported as income no matter what. I'd hate for that to happen to you.

  15. Debbie Neal
    Debbie Neal says:

    would you be able to afford AAA Road Service? with that you could have help on the road anywhere to be able to go see your children. my oldest sister and her husband have had it for years and they say that is a Wonderful Godsend for people and takes the stress off of you while travelling. they come change tires, jump start your vehicle if you have a dead battery. they do tows . dont charge you to come get you and help you to a garage.

  16. Andrew Harshaw
    Andrew Harshaw says:

    We love you here dear Debrajoy 🙂 hubby disabled vet can watch you for hours…we love your tenacity and gumpshun 🙂 Tank is such a great travel home…and your baby is so sweet. Thanks so much (cat on lap)…hope God bless your day & plans. ana (senior christian)

  17. Colleen Tracey
    Colleen Tracey says:

    hi Debra and Hazel, love yr stories of all yr hubbies! I stopped at two, I couldnt handle anymore!!!!!! Im 55 and im really quite happy to live with just Betsy now (my cat baby) It touched my heart when you said you just wanted to be a Mum. I was exactly the same and was blessed with my son in my first marriage. I didnt have anymore due to circumstances but I love my son to bits. He has given me a real reason to live now as I have two adorable grandchildren. Lily, 5 and Charlie 3. I adore them to bits :]
    do you have grandchildren Debra? Give Hazel a hug from me, she is absolutely adorable, as are you. Love and God bless to you both xxxx xxxx

  18. donna diroma
    donna diroma says: so glad you are having your medicare premiums covered!! good for you!! and don't worry about the example you think you set for your son….there's another side to that….i actually give you credit for staying open to the possiblity of marraige working…where as i on the other hand am cynical and fairly closed off to the idea that marriage can work for me…so… its like the wo'n't ever win if you dont play…!!

  19. roberto abrams
    roberto abrams says:

    "Where are you? You're not drinking & driving are you"? That was so hilarious Debra! Im 56, and never married or had kids either, so I give two big 👍👍 to your son lol! Continue staying safe out there kiddo 👌


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