Watch panellists Sucharita Mukherjee, Subramanya SV, Varun Malhotra, and Uday Dhoot talk on “Disruption in Wealth Management – A Holistic Perspective”, originally discussed at the 2nd India Fintech Conference, hosted by CFA Society India at Bangalore.

Brief on panellists: Sucharita Mukherjee is co-Founder and CEO, Kaleidofin. Subramanya SV co-Founder and CEO, Fisdom. Varun Malhotra is Principal at Quona Capital. Uday Dhoot is the Founding Partner at Venn Wealth.

The CFA Society India, established in April 2005, is an association of local investment-professionals, consisting of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors, and other financial professionals. As one of the over 140 CFA Institute member societies, The CFA Society India connects local members to a global network of investment professionals.


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