Sallie Mae Execs Tan In Maui After $5000000000 In Sales – Dave Ramsey Rant Get a FREE customized plan for your money. It only takes 3 minutes!

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  1. Alex Guyette
    Alex Guyette says:

    What about instead of forgiveness you actually reward the people that make payments or have paid them off with some type of reimbursement? Simply forgiving the loans teaches 0 responsibility on what happens in the real world if u borrow a loan and don’t pay it back

  2. Cole World
    Cole World says:

    Why I don’t resolve sallie Mae, these “adults” need to be capped about what they can borrow based on their degree. There should be a built in estimate how much someone can borrow based on the degree they are trying to get.

  3. DeAndre Holland
    DeAndre Holland says:

    College is a waste, I went to college. It’s not worth it unless you’re of course a doctor/lawyer/scientist/etc. but don’t go to college and get a degree that’s only gonna pay you $40k a year.

    Half the jobs that are out there can be self taught.

  4. Ryan H
    Ryan H says:

    Dont go to college then or dont pick a stupid major. If you pick a major with an oversaturated job market and then you couldn't find a job…. well that's your fault. Dont be dumb.

  5. holdi warts
    holdi warts says:

    You know, I was heavily considering going through sallie mae for extra loans for abroad education. But I used my time and body in the military to earn the funds to actually do what i want

  6. Morning Glory
    Morning Glory says:

    America is the worst country in the developed world. Yes I’m glad I wasn’t born In Mexico, Ethiopia or North Korea but of the developed country I can think of another one that is so predatory over its own people for the sake of the rich.

    Well the chickens will come home to roost. More people will choose to not seek an education and not pump the economy and not have children. So we are already on our period of decline.

    I say let Babylon fall.

  7. Sami Yanbu
    Sami Yanbu says:

    Thanks God our government is the best in the world. I am paid 5800 USD/month to study PhD with full tuition paied 32000/year. Full cover health insurance:) tell me what you think??


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