In this video, Tim Levy and Brian Finkelstein discuss retirement investment and retirement investment strategies. With the use of a Traditional IRA one of the most common ways to invest is through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and several other asset classes. However, with a Self-Directed IRA, one of the better investing strategies, will allow you to invest in a broader variety of asset classes including real estate, precious metals, private placements and several others. If interested in learning about the basics of retirement investing and setting up a Self-Directed IRA please contact Broad financial using the information below!



Broad Financial takes the complex process of Self-Directed Retirement Investing and puts it into a clear and concise road map. Customers appreciate their personal service and welcome the relief and peace of mind they afford to them as they take steps to assure the financial growth and safety of their retirement accounts.

Broad Financial is a Shopper Approved company obtaining an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. They are here to encourage you to take a more active role in the investing of your retirement account, to invest what you know best and believe in and to broaden the breadth of your diversification.


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    Michel Johnson says:

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