This is a video from Guardian Wealth where co-owner, Michael Coburn talks about the best way for company directors to protect themselves and plan for the future through sound wealth management and financial planning advice. Guardian Wealth is one of Ireland’s leading wealth management companies.

We believe that truly effective Financial Planning & Wealth Management advice means helping you understand how best to utilize the growth and income from your assets so that you and your family are financially secure for life.

An effective Wealth Management and Financial Planning process should help you answer some key questions:

-What are your personal financial goals?

-What do you want to be able to do for yourself and your family?

-What would you like to achieve with your money?

-When you think about money, what concerns come to mind?

-How involved do you want to be in managing your long-term finances?

-When would you like to be in a position to retire, be it due to ill health or an active decision to retire?

-Are you a speculative investor, a thoughtful risk taker, or do you prefer to play it safe?

Surrounding all of these questions are issues relating to income and capital gains tax, retirement planning, investment planning, inheritance tax planning and much more.

Guardian Wealth would love to help you. Contact us today.


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