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5 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes


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  1. Nas Cagahastian
    Nas Cagahastian says:

    Great Video! Central America is great place to travel to but it is an even greater place to settle down or have a vacation home! Imagine living in a place of serenity, birds chirping and smelling that fresh air that most people only hear about; never experienced. Good news for you! we have eco villages in Costa Rica where your dreams can come true and more! if you are interested in this feel free to contact me plus many owners have used IRA 'self-directed to purchase with no tax penalty'. A great way to diversify!!!

  2. 4cClubT
    4cClubT says:

    rule no# 6 dont let other ''save the whales'' family members bring homeless people over after church…nxt thing ya know they dropped them off and there livin in the basement and cooking in yur kitchen- ''that'' can happen

  3. Mark Barnett
    Mark Barnett says:

    We are creating an incredible, food and energy producing community in the mountains of Southern Costa Rica.  A great potential investment, especially considering what's going on in the global economy.

  4. tavius southard
    tavius southard says:

    I know it is rough to try and make enough to retire… So many people are frustrated because even after 30 or 40 years of working, you still have to go work at Walmart or something.

    Most people don't even have enough money for proper retirement planning.

    If you are looking for some ideas that may help you out, go to:

    h t t p : //simple2url (dot) com/Have_You_Done_Retirement_Planning


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