How to retire rich? Retiring rich means you have enough money so that you can live rest of your life without any financial problem. This video will tell you how to achieve this if you are late and have reached 45 years of age. What all can you do make sure that you get time to accumulate money for your retirement corpus. Do you need to make any changes in your lifestyle? what if you have a house or some other property, how to use that for your retirement? P V Subramanyam speaks to Swati from b wealthy. B wealthy is trying to give you tips for a good retired life. Where to invest the money for a good retired life? Is mutual fund a good option for a 45 years old? what other investment options one needs to look at? What is the role of capital protection and how can you do that? Till what age should you plan for? get all the answers related to retirement planning here. start saving for retirement and start investing.


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  1. Biplab Patar
    Biplab Patar says:

    i am 35yrs old.i have been investing since last 2yrs with 3000thousand only in sip. It is my retirement plan on 60yr.i am going to continue it regularly.Mem,is it best if i continue it with simply increasing yrly basis.plz plz tell me.

  2. gidda singh
    gidda singh says:

    hi mam my age 45 years now maine aap ka video dekha bahut hee achaa laga. invest karne ka idea aap ka video dekh k hee aaia mai equity mei invest karna chahta hoo 10000 monthly pl give me suggestion

  3. inderjeet Choudhary
    inderjeet Choudhary says:

    मैडम मेरी सैलरी है ₹10000 और ₹10000 में मैडम ऐसा ही पीएफ कटने के बाद मेरे हाथ में ₹8000 आते हैं अब बताइए मैडम ₹8000 में कैसे में जमा कर लूं और कैसे बचा लो मैं एक सिक्योरिटी गार्ड की नौकरी करता हूं इसमें में जमा कहां से कर लूंगा मैडम यह बताइए अगर कोई प्लान हो तो हमें बताएं सो ₹200 वाला

  4. Dilip Kumawat
    Dilip Kumawat says:

    Madam aap Bollywood me try kyun nahi karte…u r good looking…aap ek success actress ban sakte ho….waha to ek film me hi 100-200 Crore ban jayenge.."Retirement in Only one movie"….


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