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So the supreme court recently ruled in favor of thousands of pensioners who were fighting for an increased pension. The case for higher pension was going on for years in Kerela High court, and now the supreme court has finally set aside the GSR 609(E) of the EPFO that bars pensioners to get a higher pension. Know all about the supreme court decision on EPF pension increase and whether you’re eligible or not.
As per the rules, the maximum pension a person could get after their retirement is 7500 per month. This will soon change as the latest ruling suggests that the new maximum pension would be 50% of the actual wages of the employees at the time of retirement. Pensioners will also be able to get the pension based on their last year’s salary and not on the basis of the average salary of the last 60 months.

If you are clueless about this decision and the higher pension case, you must watch the exclusive interview with Mr. Praveen Kohli who was the first man to get a higher pension, up from 2372 to a whopping 30592/’ per month. He has become a pension activist, fighting for the rights of lakhs of pensioners of our country, and his actions do leave major impacts in the EPFO dept.

Interview of Mr. Kohli Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZF5qdtZx5o&t=74s
Interview of Mr. Kohli Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOg_85uNB1U

Pension calculation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn2gh9j9IKM&t=85s

How to avoid loss in PPF account?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e4zvc2uPQA

EPS (Employee Pension Scheme, 1995) was earlier had a clause that allowed employees to contribute at their actual wage, but as soon as the EPFO realized that it would mean giving high amounts in pension to all Indians, they cleverly removed this clause. They did bring it again, only with a deadline that they failed to proliferate across India, as a result, no one knew they had a deadline to fulfill. The whole of India automatically was punished with lower pensions without their fault. Now the supreme court has finally declared that an employee if they wish to, can contribute their monthly EPF on higher wages and avail higher pension at the time of retirement.

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31 replies
  1. neeraj singh
    neeraj singh says:

    Thanks a lot sir ji. I wanted to know that i am a private company employee, and contributing the money to pf and eps… So, am i also eligible for this or only government employees only eligible for this..

  2. Dheeru Bhai Online
    Dheeru Bhai Online says:

    "सर मुझे प्रॉब्लम आ रही है पीएफ विड्रोल करने में जो प्रॉब्लम है वह मैं कमेंट बॉक्स में आपको नहीं समझा सकता इसलिए प्लीज मुझे आप अपना मेल आईडी सेंड कर दीजिए मेरा व्हाट्सएप नंबर है 89624 71000"

  3. jigar soni
    jigar soni says:

    Thank you for information. But I have one question regarding pension. If basic salary is more than 15000 and company is deducting PF based on basic salary 15000 (pf amount 1800) then how much pension avail after service time.

  4. Gurvinder Kahlon
    Gurvinder Kahlon says:

    Sir meri service 60 year tuk 9year 11 month ho ruhi haay, maay ex-servicemen hu as per high court 65 year tuk nuhi Nikal suktay kaay such haay, pvt Ltd maay hu, uttrakhand high court kaay verdict ka, pension Ka huk dar hu.

  5. Janakraj Gandhi
    Janakraj Gandhi says:

    Bhaiaji, aapne subject ko to the point clear kiya sabhi relevant issues ko. Lekin mujhe guide kejie ke in sabke bawjud bhi jabke mera 15 saal tak higher wages pe paisa kata, phirbhi abhi tak mujhe higher pension gurgaon epfo office nahi de raha hai mein kya karoon pl guide karei. 8920094735

  6. Asif Ulla
    Asif Ulla says:

    sir I am working in a two places one full time and other part time. I have two pf accounts and two uan nos. can I get two pension after my retirement. Please guide me

  7. Nandakumar Yewale
    Nandakumar Yewale says:

    It totally fake news.Friends please believe me.This government is fooling 6.3 lakh pensioners.Elections of some states are approching nearer.To appise the voters this announcement are made.Who will bear difference? State or central government? Niether state nor central govt is ready is bear extra payment.Unless difference is deposited in your account don't believe such rubbish news.All news regarding PF pension news are 100% fake.These people must be flogged publicly

  8. * star's
    * star's says:

    Hello sir.. sir I want to know how can I increase my pension in feature.iam working in BMTC State government undertaking(board) how to contribute volentry pension.what are the procedure,so that I can get heiger pension in future. please give me the full information.Thankyou sir.

  9. Yogesh Mahajan
    Yogesh Mahajan says:

    Hi Rishab, Thank you for your videos, They are always very informative . Is there any new update on this issue after April 19. Do you agree there is a viability issues for future pensioners like me. I want to increase my eps contribution on full salary, my pf is on full salary. Please advise- Yogesh Mahajan

  10. Vimol Chandna
    Vimol Chandna says:

    सर, मेरी वाइफ ने प्राइवेट स्कूल में सन् 1999 में सर्विस शुरू किया। दो साल बाद सन् 2002 अप्रैल से कन्फर्म होने के बाद EPF और पेंशन कटना शुरू हुआ। जो सितम्बर 2017 (15 वर्ष 6 महीनों) तक कटता रहा। सितम्बर 2017 को 45 वर्ष की आयु में उसने नोकरी छोड़ दी। तब से अब तक EPF एकाउंट में कुछ जमा नहीं हुआ इस दौरान केवल 20% EPF का पैसा ही निकाला। इसके अलावा वाइफ को EPF आफिस से या एम्पलायर से कुछ नहीं मिला कृपया मुझे बताएं कि:-
    1. क्या वो पेंशन के लिए eligible है? यदि हाँ तो
    2. उसे कब से पेंशन मिलनी चाहिए? अगर अक्टूबर 2017 से तो क्या एरियर व इंट्रेस्ट के साथ?
    3. उसे कहाँ से पेंशन मिलेगी EPF आफिस से या एम्पलायर से ?
    4. पेंशन शुरू करवाने के लिए क्या प्रोसीजर व फौरमैल्टी है?
    5. उसकी DOB 23/11/1972 है (46 वर्ष 9 महीने पूरे कर लिए) क्या वो EPF का पूरा पैसा Withdraw कर सकती है?
    कृपया मार्गदर्शन करें।

  11. Sandhya Dhotre
    Sandhya Dhotre says:

    For ugc scale karnataja state pensioners ve increased pension by supreme court pl let us know, and pensioners can nominate as per their wish if husband ro wife, wires to husband if one of them nk more then can they nominate their children who us totally depend on parents , can central state , ugc state finance all over india same pension increase let us know

  12. Rahul Mishra
    Rahul Mishra says:

    Sir, I have confusion in epf advance in medical condition. Sir, my monthly contribution in epf is 1455 rupees and Employer share is 445 rupees. My monthly payment in my hand is 8250 rupees. Sir, how much money I fill in advance section. Please help sir. My service period is 1 year 4 months. Thanks for make a valuable channel.


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