Kozhikode: Police found that Koodathayi serial murder case prime accused Jolly had financial deals with the deceased Mathew, a native of Manjadi. Jolly, in her statement given to the investigators team, said that she killed Mathew, who was the uncle of her former husband Roy Thomas, by adding cyanide in alcohol. Her former father-in-law Tom Thomas, in order to help his son and Jolly, sold a property and deposited Rs 16 lakh to Jolly’s bank account.

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  1. Jithumon Jithu
    Jithumon Jithu says:

    ജോളി ഇതൃ ഉദാരമതിയോ? ബ്ളേഡ് മാഫി
    യ ആദൃഠ സ്വൻതഠ തട്ടകമാണ് ശരിയാക്കൺടത് കേരളഠ അവരുടെ ശല്ലൃഠ നേരിടുന്നു


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