Who is the most disruptive person in wealth management? It’s not a robo founder. Or an index ETF CEO. Or a blogger.

In fact, it is Shirl Penney, the founder of Dynasty Financial Partners, whose platform for breakaway brokers who want to become independent advisors and own their own firms has now amassed almost $40 billion in client assets over the last ten years.

Shirl has changed the way wirehouse brokers and other captive financial advisors at large firms have looked at independence. He’s built a machine that began under the radar but is now on the verge of pushing the incumbents into allowing a degree of entrepreneurial freedom that would have previously been unthinkable.

Josh and Shirl first met during the Investment News 40 Under 40 Summit the year they both made the list.

Check out this video to learn about the biggest trends in the wealth management and financial advisor business, and how Shirl is upending some of the most bedrock conventions within the industry by working harder and smarter than his competitors.

You can learn more about Dynasty’s solutions for breakaway brokers who want to become advisors and launch their own firms here:

Shirl will be giving a keynote address to the advisors in attendance at this September’s inaugural Wealth/Stack conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Details here:

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