If you are looking to invest for retirement and you are about 40 then we have some numbers for you! Here is a breakdown of exactly how much you would need to invest in a Roth IRA if you are age 40.

Investing for retirement gets more and more difficult the more you age so its important that you start your savings plan early.

Our retirement investment plan today will include inflation as well as post retirement income and growth expectations. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to invest for retirement the more money you need to save. Time is on your side and every investment dollar counts.

We’re an investing service that also helps you keep your dough straight. We’ll manage your retirement investments and, using NestEgg we can help you with every penny!

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  1. karren vee
    karren vee says:

    I made my first million from investing my ROTH IRA in stock, Mrs Nina Jeanne Rose is a great account manager ,she helped me through my investment so i recommend her if you look to invest wisely without loss

  2. Michael Spitalieri
    Michael Spitalieri says:

    I love your video it was very good teaching how to invest in your money and save for your retirement thanks for the advice I don’t Think 🤔 it’s a good idea to do this with banks 🏦 that my own personal opinion they love tricking you so they Could make interest off your money and so they could take all your money Again thanks for the video I appreciate it.

  3. travel squadd.
    travel squadd. says:

    I'm gonna hope I lived a good life and dead by retirement (67)😳😳I see so many old people who cant retire…smh…its my fault, I'm 38 and been told to invest in a roth… I like most…dont have the funds

  4. Bbstar
    Bbstar says:

    this is more important than what you learn in school. im old but not that old. im 30 years old. unfortunately i just started investing now. kind of late but i have 60k in my investments and putting $6,000 a year in it. I should be a millionaire in 35 years when I'm 65 years old. trying to do some side hustles as well so I can put more than 6k per year on my investments. i feel bad for people that just started investing at 40 years old but you can still retire with a million dollars, you just need to put more money into your investments.

  5. Jay Lookie
    Jay Lookie says:

    I’m 46 years old and retirement is not an option for me as long as I’m still healthy and able to continue working. Working keeps me feeling young. Once I retire I will feel old and that is something that I want to avoid. Retirement is not for everybody.

  6. Boss Boss
    Boss Boss says:

    Please, I need help. I want to start this roth IRA. Where do I open this account? And do I have to spread it through 4 investment accounts. I'm 41 and I want to start now. Please help!!!

  7. Adam Coker
    Adam Coker says:

    I'm 38, I have 2500.00 in savings, and about 8,000 in stocks. I'm planninon doing the Roth IRA and paying the $5500 until I'm 65-70. I only make between 38,000 and 50,000 a year.

  8. Andrea La'Nette
    Andrea La'Nette says:

    I'm 37 and have 35,000 in a 401K, job matches 4% and I only take home $45k/annually. I invest 6% in 401k and 4% in ROTH. I don't take home a lot of money but somehow making it work. How am I doing? Could contribute more or less in either account?

  9. MrChoudhury
    MrChoudhury says:

    When I was starting out with investing, it was all about “Invest on your 401k mun, you can’t count on the SSN benefits “ , so I invested pretty heavy. Now i just hit my 40, dab nugget!! Wish I invested on Roth instead. I saved money to handle the tax from outside for conversation, but got greedy and spent all to buy stocks on Sale recently. I’m doomed.

  10. Enr1997
    Enr1997 says:

    Holy cats this video is an absolute mess! The math is all over the place and you missed a key part of this video…..you never explained how you are going to draw off the million dollars when it comes time to retire!! Are you going to live off the interest it makes? How will that money be taxed and what kind of account do you have to have to siphon off interest on your investment to live on. Huge thumbs down!

  11. Oscar Santos
    Oscar Santos says:

    Hey. I’m 34 and don’t have anything saved up. I have like 5000 in savings. I would like to start saving aggressively into roth or a retirement account. There’s roth IRA at Pentagon…should I start putting in money into that account and that’s it? Thanks

  12. qjbaker
    qjbaker says:

    Hello. I’m 43 (no retirement savings) I have a recent Master of Health Administration degree I’m struggling to make use of currently employed in temporary position as Licenses Health Insurance Benedict Consultant. I’m thinking I need 1) a Matched 401(k) 2) ROTH IRA adding $458 per month 3) Emergency Savings account building 6-12 months of cost of living 4) Two whole life policies, one for final expenses and one as a savings vehicle. I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts.

  13. L K
    L K says:

    I'm 39 and just started my 401k. My company matches 8% so I'm understanding I need another $350 a month in a Roth IRA? Currently only about $130 per check goes to my 401k. This video is very helpful thank you


    Thanks great video
    I think it would help people understand a bit better if you showed the maths calculated on an excel spreadsheet showing the progress each each year from age 40 to age 67


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