We go through some tips for using an efficient and easy way of reading and organising multiple financial news sources everyday to help plan trades and do fundamental analysis.

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Presented by Nicholas Puri

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22 replies
  1. Kirk Arnold
    Kirk Arnold says:

    Good ideas. I appreciate this video as well. In another video you said you keep your trades at 1 or 2 %. Good idea. Especially when learning. it prevents paying too much for the lesson learned, that is if things go down. We learned by doing.

  2. Hamad Adel H Al Yousif
    Hamad Adel H Al Yousif says:

    Thank you so much for the effort you're putting into this, your videos are really helpful. For news feed, I personally pay for FT susbscription, I find it very useful in finding detailed information for all sectors (stocks, commodities, policies, bonds, etc). Finally, I am a new subscriber to your channel, I want to know how long did it really take you to become a successful trader? and do you see it as a long term career goal? or is it something you'd do for a little while for you diverge later? Thanks again!

  3. Gytis Rožanskas
    Gytis Rožanskas says:

    Hi, thanks for lots of wonderful information you are sharing. You are way beyond other "advisers" on youtube. Keep it honest as you do! 🙂
    I was thinking this video will be about, how strategy (few days or weeks long) can survive unpredictable news, and how you going thru news? But it was a bit different. Maybe you have covered it in some other video? (haven't saw all of them, but I'm on the way to do it 🙂 )
    Thanks in advance

  4. Blake Rea
    Blake Rea says:

    Hey Nick… Thanks for all the great content, your information has taken my (entry level) trading to the next level. Glad your contributing so much of your knowledge to youtube. Something I haven't seen you touch up on too much is Indicators. There are so many options out there, It might help loads if you made a video just talking about the most useful indicators and the best way to analyze them. Cheers! Keep up the good work.

  5. Natalie Aden
    Natalie Aden says:

    how to understand the actual or 'hidden' sentiment of the news? true that most of people will read the same news. But the view/sentiment of the news is different between the expert and non-expert. please share your opinion =)

  6. carmad51
    carmad51 says:

    I don't know if you have talked about this before, I haven't seen all your vlogs, but trading crypto currencies and trading bots.
    Is this for real, all these platforms offering an average 1% per day or is it BS. Would be interested in hearing your views on this as a professional trader.

  7. Jerome Vandyk
    Jerome Vandyk says:

    Just came back from my vacation and watched all your video's from last week (Why 7 video's in the 7 days i went away!;) )
    Really hyped to get back intro trading! Please keep giving us al these great videos!

  8. T. Tarentino
    T. Tarentino says:

    Thank you so much!!! you have changed my life in the past 6 months, i have learnt a lot from your videos specially the mini series. Glad there are still people out there that genuinely want to help! Any workshop events in the near future?

  9. Harley Fourteenforty
    Harley Fourteenforty says:

    Recently i have started using flipboard, i like that i can use it on my desktop as well as the app unlike apple news and it also has save for later function, you can also follow people to see what articles they are saving and add tags like apple news, i do use both though. But i will be downloading pocket as that will definatly come in useful! Thanks!


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