Stanford School of Business lecturer Dave Dodson discusses market movements and an economic slowdown.

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22 replies
  1. Chatla Suresh
    Chatla Suresh says:

    When employment rate is low then how is that recession? Yeah services companies gets according to their services given per hourly and productive services is more hourly work outs. All Hispanic/Asian/Latino got to do more hourly service work outs in agricultures/meat trade. This definitely increases the GDP% and also manufacturing MadeInTheUSA is pride of USA🇺🇸.

  2. Eddie Eda
    Eddie Eda says:

    I can't wait to see those poor white trump voters begging on welfare and unemployment lines . Just like Bush voters did regretted it when 2008 recession. I don't think they will be wearing trump hats to unemployment office.

  3. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith says:

    If you get your investing advice from Cuvato you’re probably broke. He’s been predicting the next Great Depression since the day Trump got elected yet here we are S&P500 up over 18% ytd

  4. Deborah Bush
    Deborah Bush says:

    Why are you putting this in people's heads? Are you nuts??! You are about to lose two more viewers! I trust Calson and a few more on Fox but, Fox Business episodes like this are despicable!! Shame on you! I'm sick of cable news😡

  5. Nick Brian
    Nick Brian says:

    Guys we’re going into recession
    This isn’t political, stop being biased and look at the data through a clear lense.

    >inverted yield curve
    >fed repo market operations
    >slower gdp growth

  6. 1.restnrelax.1
    1.restnrelax.1 says:

    Recession! Russia! Impeachment! It's all Fake News! They're trying to create the Recession by scaring investors with this propaganda! It isn't about expert opinion but self-fulfilling prophecy for the Fake News, anti-Trump, Corporatist Media!


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