Financial news and economic releases can be really disruptive for the markets. Some traders like to trade these volatile moments, but they can be extremely high risk – high reward.

In this video, we explain the approach that we take for trading the financial news. You will learn how to monitor and anticipate the releases, what to do before/during the release and what to do after (including when to trade them!)

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21 replies
  1. Daniel Adaise
    Daniel Adaise says:

    Hi duomo,
    Great content you have here. For traders and investors.
    I just finished your legends of trading/ investing playlist. It was extremely insightful.
    Can we have more of these kind of videos. There are lots of great traders and investors we could learn from.

  2. zoyten
    zoyten says:

    how do you hedge against slippage? I mean if the market crashes for example it doesn't matter how wide your SL is its gonna breakthrough and youre not gonna be able to get out since the liquidity is super thin, you just wait and watch as a big chunk or even the entire account gets wiped out 😖 a flash crash or a huge slippage gives me anxiety, but what can you do about it?

  3. Forex Trades
    Forex Trades says:

    When there is a high impact news , I don’t trade , if I have open position I move my SL to BE or in profit …
    I trade after the news , after pull back then when Big players resume the trend I join with them .. that’s my strategy

  4. David Chorak
    David Chorak says:

    Great information. Valuable insights.
    You remember the Last Fed cut. The Dow future Index went down 1K then up 1K in minutes. Then down 700 points over night. Then up 250 early morning.
    It was the Fed cut couple with opposite news. Trump’s 10% tariff in a month which he postponed. I loved it. After going long I reversed for a nice slide to 100 from the bottom. A big one.
    I’m not used to someone calling a sudden drop a “spike” I generally call it a “Plunge” or a “gap”. But the Brits drive on the wrong side of the street so no surprise. Cheers great video. I hope you don’t recall me. We all have our days. Cheerio. Thx


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