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  1. Jeff P
    Jeff P says:

    This lady is delusional, she has to move to a worse neighborhood but won't admit it. What was the point of selling your house if you're just going to buy the same house? That's what she gets for trying to keep up with the Jonses for decades when she couldn't afford to.

  2. Patrick Patman
    Patrick Patman says:

    This is due to companies taking away pensions, run away costs of insurance, student loan debt and management taking obscene salaries.
    Henry Ford was the one who designed the 40 hour work week. When convincing people why would they work a 40 hours week at one company for so many years he told the workers it was because of the pension that would be received on retirement and the health care. Unions were were formed to keep management accountable and to give a living salaries. That was the American dream.
    Now that most if all companies have done away with pensions, heath care cost have gotten to the point it’s just too expensive the average American can’t afford it. How can people save anything if that if one illnesses with the co pay can wipe out your savings or one has to cash their 401k with insane penalty’s to cover a medical problem. Wages have been stagnant for years and employers make salary workers work 40+ hours a week. Overtime pay is all but gone. The manufacturing jobs that made the country strong have been driven to other countries because of regulations and our elected officials both democrats and republicans both are more
    concerned about finance their elections with the money received from big corporations than the people that they are supposed to represent. Sanctuary states are worse off because that keeps wages down. Illegal immigrants for the most part
    work in the dollar economy then send the money back
    to their home country not spending it in the United States. This situation will continue to get worse because there is no political will by both parties to help the people they represent these political parties just want to enrich themselves.
    The war on the middle class is on and your the target. It’s a money issue not a hot button political distractions have kept divided the nation so much that we can’t unite to solve this emergency issue that effects everyone regardless of race, religion or any other reason.
    Welcome to the future

  3. Kathleen Lock
    Kathleen Lock says:

    Even a paid off house comes with it's own sometimes expensive issues, a new roof, furnace, plumbing problems, etc. I would think a condo would be a much better option for someone her age, considering she can't do most home repairs herself. Also, stop paying her daughter's college expenses.

  4. Natashahoneypot
    Natashahoneypot says:

    Gosh some horrible comments on this video. There is nothing wrong with being an expert in a field and also taking advice from another expert. There is nothing wrong with being generous enough to put your own children through college.

  5. phil marsh
    phil marsh says:

    If you're young, < 40, don't think about saving for retirement. That's too far off. Instead, live way below your means and earn/save/invest so you can survive a protracted unemployment and/or buy your home outright. Get used to this lifestyle, and retirement will take care of itself.


    I was not lucky enough to know in advance that SS would not support me when I retire. I had money in an IRA at one time that I lost completely when the market had crashed years ago. I will be getting my 1st SS check in about 2 weeks. I am living in a home that is $1400/month and my husband only works part-time currently. I owe more money for my house than what is owed on it. When we bought the house we could afford it. I haven't worked for the past 3 1/2 years and my savings are almost gone. What can I do? Be nice.


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