For a video that is more in depth about how the government TSP operates: For a video that is more in depth about why the G …

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  1. Tory Alexander
    Tory Alexander says:

    I recently search the dividends received from TSP on an annual report. There’s not a lot of information on the TSP and compound interest as I’m tracking it just reinvest automatically back into the fund. Is this something that you can bring clarification to?

  2. Matt Tyler
    Matt Tyler says:

    If I were to go from 100% L2050 to say 50/50 C&S is there any added work needed to be done on my part? I went with the L2050 originally because it was advertised as low maintenance. Thanks

  3. BroSoCrypto
    BroSoCrypto says:

    Hey Jake, love the videos. I am in the lifecycle 2050 fund but want to go into the C Fund 100 percent and reassess at 55 as you suggest. Is it a bad time to change my fund to C or should I wait till there is a stock drop or recession to switch funds? My email is or you could reply here. Thanks for the knowledge and insight on the TSP.

  4. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    What's going on Jake, I like your perspective on the lifecycle funds. I never looked at it that way. I'm 35, active duty, currently in L2050 fund. What would you say to someone like me who would be hesitant to get out of the L2050 due to the lack of "protection" of my account that say the g fund would provide just in case the market does take a dive? Have I just been looking at it wrong this whole time? If so, what would you say the best move to make is? I'm trying to join that tsp millionaires club one day so my strategy would be more on the aggressive side. I would appreciate any information.

  5. agisaninersfan
    agisaninersfan says:

    Hey Jake, great video. I recently switched my allocations to the C and S funds but I have already spent the last 7 years in the 2040. Do you think it's worth taking the money that's in the 2040 and putting out into the C & S? I only have 14 years until I retire.

  6. Lateef Alaka
    Lateef Alaka says:

    Thanks for the info Jake. I have my money in L2050 and I have just changed my contributions to the C fund after watching your video. Quick question: I am currently planning on leaving my past distribution in the L2050 because the C fund is so expensive right now that I would be at a significant loss. I was wondering if I should just wait until I see a decent dip in the C fund's pricing or whatever looming crash/crisis is out there, before redistributing into the C fund for the rise. What do you think?


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