Think you’re beating the credit card system? Think again. This is actually what your credit cards are costing you. Get a FREE customized plan for your money.

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  1. Kate B
    Kate B says:

    You can drive off the lot in a $35,000 vehicle without handing over one penny. 45 days later you realize that something happened. Now, you are obligated to $650 per month for 6 years. Beware of any purchase that does not require actual money.

  2. Mia Hughes
    Mia Hughes says:

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  3. Bernie Fen
    Bernie Fen says:

    It's not that having a few credit cards is bad.. learning how TO MANAGE AND USE them is the key!.. DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD!!.. discipline!.. I have 5 credit cards and have no debt! 🙂 well except my student loan that I currently banging out

  4. 1redrubberball
    1redrubberball says:

    Airline miles and 1-2% spending rebate and "points" just don't mean squat to me. I am not flying anymore, don't spend more than $3-4K annually that I might put on a credit card and consider "rewards" to not be worth the effort. You may disagree and that's your perogotive!

  5. Empire Textbooks
    Empire Textbooks says:

    Sorry, Dave, you’re unfortunately in denial about how people can use credit cards responsibly. And no one ever claimed that anyone got rich from using credit cards, so you don’t need to pretend like people are claiming that.

  6. Fernanda M.B.
    Fernanda M.B. says:

    Dave’s advise is not an all size fits all. I have noticed I spend way less when using a credit card rather than debit or cash because immediately after I charge something to a credit card my brain registers that as money I owe and have to pay back before it’s due otherwise the interest rate is insane. When I charge something to my debit card it doesn’t hurt because I have a lot of money in the bank so it doesn’t really feel like anything. And cash is just free money

  7. keithsj10
    keithsj10 says:

    I don't have airline points credit cards but I do have 4 rewards cash back cards I use specifically for that. I buy what I buy and pay them all off online the day before they're due. Paying cash on Amazon or anywhere online is an idiotic thing to do. I research online and buy online most times. I almost never touch cash anymore. I have zero debt, my vehicle is paid off my cc balances are paid off on time every month.
    I am the 22% he is talking about who pays off their cc balances every month. It's easy to automate if you're not disciplined. You can become disciplined without having to live in the past. Dave hasn't owned a cc in 30 years. I wonder if he owns a smart phone? Technology is like kryptonite to old boomers like Dave. A lot of them are arrogantly proud that they don't own a smart phone and never will. He's out of touch with modern reality.
    But if you have no discipline then what he says will probably work for you. But it's like kindergarten to those of us who developed self control and discipline and exercise those things. He talks about wasting money and overspending and he buys a Ford Raptor? Why not a Toyota Prius? He's wasting money on gas. Sorry, he's over spending.
    But I guess he's rich so he's allowed to do that. That's called hypocrisy… do as I say not as I do. 🙄

  8. Henchman Number_1
    Henchman Number_1 says:

    SMH at Dave Ramsey. Getting 5% off groceries on Gasoline is a GOOD thing. Now Dave tells us that using a credit card is "prideful"? Get out of here with that nonsense. Used responsibly credit cards are a very useful tool. Used irresponsibly not good. How can he make these out of hand, blanket statements as if he knows how each individual will handle the situation? He can't. but it's Dave's story and he's sticking to it.

  9. Luxury hotel room tours
    Luxury hotel room tours says:

    Banks make a killing off of people that use cards for miles. They don’t even know how to redeem the points for max value.

    Now, the 1% of people that use spreadsheets, keep track of the cards they get, don’t keep a balance, and just use the cards for the sign up bonus are a different story. Those people travel for virtually no money.

  10. Michael Keefer
    Michael Keefer says:

    What about cash back cards? I've been using credit cards for the percentage back for several years. Never paid a penny in interest because I pay them off each month. I also have a credit card for each category like gas, groceries, bills, etc. I've felt like it's actually helped me manage my finances being able to categorize everything. In the mean time I get 1.5-2% off everything I do essentially aside from ACH withdraws.

  11. Michael Kite
    Michael Kite says:

    I love the pro credit card comments on here. (Sarcasm) He is stating data. Research. Also known as facts. EVERYONE says they pay off their credit card every month. Everyone. Yet the data shows nearly 80% do not. Similarly, NO ONE wants to admit they are living paycheck to paycheck. NO ONE. If I asked any one of my friends or a stranger on the street, they would say no. Yet the data shows around 70% of people are. The point he’s trying to make is smoking doesn’t kill everyone, but it’s good for no one. In the long run, over the vast majority of the population, the credit card companies win or they wouldn’t be in business. It’s the most aggressively marketed product in history. Literally hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars are spent trying to persuade you to get one. And it worked. Points and miles are a gimmick. You know how you get $1,000 back? YOU SPEND ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND!! On a freakin credit card no less! And that’s smart HOW?? People run around acting like they’re doing something sophisticated, collecting their points and miles, but it’s usually broke people. I’m sorry, but it is. Same with lotto tickets and car loans. A debit card will do everything a credit card can do except get you into debt.

  12. Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson says:

    C’mon Dave, your not smart enough to use credit cards to pay you? I do it on social security and pay no interest or fees.
    How can you be so spot on about many things and so far off on this one?
    You should be teaching how to use right. Are going to tell people not to drive because people die in car accidents? Teach them Dave.

  13. Michael
    Michael says:

    Well, to be fair Dave, the fact that you, as a multimillionaire can have failings in discipline due to plastic money doesn't necessarily imply anything about the ability of others to control themselves. Especially those who are, say, broke.

  14. Garrett Eckhardt
    Garrett Eckhardt says:

    In regards to Dave's gas reciept comment, I would like a few opinions from people willing to provide them.

    I KNEW i shouldn't have gotten a like-new car as I've been a fan of Dave's for a while now, but roughly 5 months ago I did go ahead and get a 2019 model (was actually low price for the year) of a SUPER efficient car. I know Dave says a car is no kind of "investment" as it drops in value, but I get well over 2x my fuel effeciency and the car will be paid off mid-next year at the latest, as I'm still on step 2 obviously. What do some of you think about my choice?

    It felt so foolish at the time, but each payment put onto the car is not only made cheaper by saving gas money, but I also have 0 intention of getting rid of this car. I want it to be my old reliable and I don't even have interest in upgrading cars, just moving onto the next baby steps! Thanks for your time!


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